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Seed-Savers: Preserving Our Ecological Heritage (Network)


Seed-Savers: Preserving Our Ecological Heritage (Network)

Cascadia Seed-Savers- Sharing & Saving Our Seeds, Educating Ourselves on the importance of regional seed-saving, Resisting corporate/laboratory bred GMO seeds, & Promoting Events for community food-security.

Location: Cascadia - Bellingham & Beyond
Members: 58
Latest Activity: Dec 4

Welcome new seed savers! Please listen in & enjoy reading our current discussions & comments. For viewing all the Discussion click the "View All" button below.

 Welcome new members: We are not a 'chat' group, so you won't received many emails from us.  We are growers & seed-savers who network together on resources, educational events, and to promote opportunities for sharing & saving seeds. 

  For  offerings or requests for specific seeds, or to initiate a topic conversation, please use our groups 'Start Discussion' option below.

Most of our members are also part of the larger 'Earth Garden' network at:

  (Group admins currently are Heather K & David P. and more are welcome).

  Events we wish to promote can be done through the main TW "Events" tab:  and through the Sustainable Bellingham calendar:  .


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Comment by Heather K on November 17, 2014 at 4:00pm
Seed-Saver & Seed-Planter Swap Event Volunteers Needed January 25, 2015!
Share your time, seeds, knowledge, and tithing abundance!

7th Annual Community Seed Swap & Fundraiser
"Putting Seeds Into the Hands of the People”
Sunday, January 25, 2015!
Doors Open to Public - Time TBA
Location: The Majestic - 1027 North Forest St. (intersection of Maple St)
Fundraiser by Donation. Light refreshments will be served

This is a Pure Seed Event.
Volunteer sign up at or contact Heather K, Sara, or Mary.

Plant Seeds! Celebrate Community!
Comment by Heather K on January 27, 2014 at 3:25pm

Salish Seed Coop network is working towards obtaining seed processing equipment, and initiating local library-banks where seeds can be stored and loaned.

Brian K at Inspiration Farm is helping with this, and has an email list for future classes & events.

Our community seed loving & sharing spirit is abundant!  We had a great 6th annual seed swap on Jan 26, 2014, and plan to put some of our earnings towards seed storage supplies.

Benefits of Saving Open Pollinated Heirloom Seeds-

Local seed-savers continue to support the free exchange of genetic resources for all peoples

Comment by Heather K on December 10, 2013 at 3:28pm

Seed-savers & Volunteer Set-Up for Community Seed Swap at 1 pm, Sunday Jan 26.

Later, Doors Open to Public at 2:30pm. * *We need volunteers to host over 12 seed-tables during public swap hours. Contact Heather K or Sustainable Bellingham, to volunteer for specific seed table.  Details on event page:

Comment by Heather K on December 10, 2013 at 3:24pm

Growing Biennials for Seed” - Dec 16th, Webinar with Seed Savers Exchange - Register online or look for in archives afterward.

Seed Savers Exchange Webinar Archive


Comment by Heather K on November 10, 2013 at 4:04pm

Some of us will visit Inspiration Farm today this Sunday and bring food & seeds to share.  Contact Brian K is you are interested in joining us.

I've been gifted a bearded soft winter wheat 'Honey' variety from the Allegheny Mountain plateau watersheds, to share with grain seed-saver/growers.  I will bring some seed to Inspiration Farm today between 5pm- 7pm.   My Pennsylvania farmer friends have been growing this wheat for years.  It the only one the deer don't eat.  TLyle grinds it into pancake mix in the countries first solar powered grain mill!

Our 6th annual Community Seed Swap 2014 now seeking volunteers for set up & planning.  Date is Sunday January 26th, 2014!

Comment by Heather K on March 19, 2013 at 2:42pm

'Fundamentals of On-Farm Plant Breeding'  Weds March 20th 2013 with Dr. John Navazio (Organic Seed Alliance Senior Scientist and Washington State University Seed Extension Specialist)   “You’ll learn how to improve vegetable quality through careful seed selection and improvement as well as how to select for reproductive fitness, yield, disease resistance, and improved performance under adverse conditions. Dr. Navazio will share his knowledge on seed growing basics, sourcing germplasm, and conducting variety trials, as well as basic variety improvement techniques for inbreeding and outbreeding crops. In addition, all attendees will receive a copy of Dr. Navazio's recent book The Organic Seed Grower: A Farmer’s Guide to Vegetable Seed Production, itself a $50 value. Visit to learn about the book.”

Both Krista Rome & myself will be attending this event.

John Navazio, Ph.D. "trains farmers, university students, and others in organic seed production and the fundamentals of participatory, on-farm plant breeding for organic systems. His breeding work includes increasing genetic breadth in a number of vegetable crops for their nutritional quality, flavor, texture, ability to scavenge nutrients, compete with weeds, and resist heat and drought."

Comment by Heather K on February 9, 2013 at 12:44am

Community Heirloom Seed & Plant Exchange   on Orcas Island this Sunday, Feb 10th from 2-5pm. 

A few seed-savers from Orcas came to our swap this year,

and I'll be going over to theirs!   (The people of Island county voted to ban GMO seeds on their lands, and Skagit is moving in this directions too).

Webinars for seed saving:  (thanks Walter).

Our 5th annual Community Seed Swap – Jan 27- 2013  had an abundance of both seeds & people this year!

Thanks to all who attended and shared their seeds and their wisdom! 

Share your ideas with me for next years 6seed exchange - “Seedy Sunday”.

Comment by Heather K on January 23, 2013 at 1:51am

Seed Saver friends! . “Benefits of  Saving Open-pollinated Heirloom Seeds”.

Hope you're all caught up with sorting your seeds and see you at the swap on sunday, with set up time for volunteers and seed-savers at 12:30.

Please help us with organizing seeds on the seed tables; we have new labels this year with some latin family names.

We all our volunteers co-creating this event!


Swap info-


My our children learn the mystery of seeds coming from flowers and our food coming from seeds!

Comment by Heather K on January 11, 2013 at 3:41am

Seed Saving Friends & Revolutionaries:  Sunday January 27th Seed Swap.  Details at

Time to choose what seeds to bring to our 5th annual seed swap to place on the main table, or set up your own table, or carry your most precious seeds in a basket! 

If you can volunteer at the swap to help greet people and hold the donation can, and answer questions, that would be welcomed!  Email our volunteer coordinator, Sara, at:  volunteer –at- sustainablebelllingham.or  ,, or post a comment on our faceboo page at -!/events/466839620039241/

We are expecting a great year, and there will be seed-savers from Orcas Island that are planning on coming!

Plan to help clean up and then go our for a meal & drink after the swap  in the evening.

*. Label Your Seeds & Bring Extra Envelopes to Share*

Comment by Celt M. Schira on December 3, 2011 at 5:13pm

Walter, So, what about the spinach? Spinach, as you well know, is a stretch for the backyard gardener. Male and female plants, optimally at least a couple of hundred each to preserve the variability, and then if a person pulls that off they produce way too much seed for a family gardener to use within its shelf life. A good job for the market gardener, eh?

Celt's Technicolor Cabbage is coming along nicely, but I am selecting for robust tolerance of winter, delicious flavor, and that nifty deep blue green leaf color with the magenta racing stripe. The original heritage cabbage strains had tight compact heads and more uniformity in size, maturity and appearance. Depends what you want. 

By the way, Pinetree has Carentan leeks, the first time I've seen them offered in ten years.


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