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Transition Whatcom, an all-volunteer, grassroots group, was started early in 2009 by seven local residents who called themselves the TWIG- the Transition Whatcom Initiating Group.  As planned, in August 2010 the TWIG gave way to the TWOG - the Transition Whatcom Operating Group.

For the TWOG we look for an excellent diversity and a great mix of skills, as per the "mandate" from the following paragraph of the TWIG to TWOG document:

"Organizational Core Group: A group made up of TW members selected by their peers through an application process. The Core is to be made up of 8 people - the intent is for a balance of representation - at this time we will focus on urban and rural, male and female, elders and youngers. At a later time the Core Group and Council may decide to seek a broader spectrum of representation as the priority."

From left to right:  Warren Miller, Paul Kearsley, Emily Farrell, Kyler Boyes, and Tom Anderson.

Warren Miller
As a filmmaker, consultant, and an engineer, Warren brings many skills to the TWOG, including: organizing, writing, communicating, marketing, fund raising, public speaking (many conferences and training sessions) and hard working.  Warren did camera work for Transition Whatcom's Great Unleashing, and also participated in the TWIG to TWOG organizational process.


Emily Farrell
Emily is a psychotherapist in private practice with many years of experience in collaborative teams - creating community and ceremonial events, as well as professional treatment teams. She has a long-term interest in ecopsychology, has trained with Joanna Macy, and has an appreciation for the emotional and spiritual dimensions of Transition and of community efforts. After participating in an intensive training in permaculture in 1993, at the site that is now Bellingham Co-Housing, she created a Backyard Wildlife Sanctuary at her home in town, where she lived for about 13 years.


Paul Kuepfer

In 2005 Paul found Bellingham and it became his home. In addition to serving on the TWOG, Paul currently sits on the Board for the Center for Local Self Reliance (CLSR), is an organizer of the Whatcom Skillshare Faire, and is a past board member of Whatcom Folk School. Paul has worked as a tall ship crew member, grocery buyer, cook, trumpet player, business owner, realtor, small business technology consultant, and is a veteran of IT management and administration for over a dozen years. He emerged from his IT career into a world of green: gardening and food. He lives on a quarter acre lot with over 20 raised beds, 7 fruit trees, composting, vermiculture, water collection, a green house, and a community involved agriculture project in the works. The yard project is a reflection of his commitment to sustainability, accountability, and helping create a self-reliant community. Paul spends his free time cooking, creating stained glass mosaics, getting to know his neighbors, and working the soil around his home.


Bruce Horowitz

Bruce Horowitz is a certified Permaculture Teacher and “Organic Gardener and Composter Educator.” He holds a Masters Degree (2004) in the Culture, Ecology and Sustainable Community Program from New College of California. He has been a co-founder of the following organizations:  the “Bio-fuels Research Coop” in Sonoma County, CA,  “North Bay Art and Revolution”, (a political theater troupe also in Sonoma), and the Spirit Flow Dance Collective in Bellingham, Washington. Bruce has worked on permaculture designs, taught at and organized Permaculture Design Certification courses in the U.S., Ecuador, Mexico and Canada.


Dave Koshinz

Dave joined the TWOG in May 2013, and wants to see less reliance on energy, communities working together, less reliance on corporate and government sectors, and a kinder relationship with the earth. Dave was drawn to the TWOG by his desire to support healthy communities and creative organic happenings.

Dave has been a small business owner for the past 25 years and through training, self study, and lifes lessons brings a depth of organizational experience to the TWOG. Outside of work Dave is currently in the Powers of Leadership program at the Whidbey Institute, and has been involved in organizations such as The Mankind Project, Compassionate communication, Bellingham Tech College, Warrior Monk, and 5Rhythms. Dave also spent 5 years teaching yoga and has practiced yoga for 35 years. "What I love is unfolding, could be a yoga pose, could be shared vision, could be anything, humans are dynamic and I think we are here to explore and be creative."


Former TWOG members include Travis Linds, Juliet Thompson, Angela Mercy, Erica Schuler, Tom Anderson, Kyler Boyes, Paul Kearsley, and Micah Shanser.

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