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The Great Unleashing

WE HAVE UNLEASHED (April 10 & 11, 2010)!  If you have not heard- we had 600-700 people there on Day 1- it was truly amazing in terms of not just the numbers, but in the different kinds of folks who showed up. The 2nd day outstripped our expectations as well, with about 180 people coming back ready to get busy with resiliency planning!  Great coverage at Transition US:

See the article on the Great Unleashing by Rick Dubrow in the March 2010 issue of Whatcom Watch:

More Info About The Great Unleashing:

The Great Unleashing: An Overview
General Description of the event, and an "at a glance" outline of the sessions on Day 1.

The Pedal Powered Parade
Come be a part of the pre-event parade on Saturday morning!

The Keynote Speakers: Rob Hopkins, Trathen Heckman, Vicki Robin, and Frances Moore Lappe.
Read their bios, see their photos, and learn what they'll be talking about.

The Breakout Sessions: All the Details
Full details of who, what, when and where for the breakout sessions on Day 1.

Music and Food
Music and food are important. Dana Lyons, Jan Peters, Burke Mulvaney, Youth Jazz Band, and more!

The Exhibits
Read all about the exhibits and exhibitors.

An Overview of Day 2
This is the day when the real work of Transition Whatcom will begin. We encourage everyone who has a strong interest in Transition to prioritize attending Day 2 of The Great Unleashing. It could be among the most important time spent of your entire year.

We couldn't put this event on without our sponsors. Please express your thanks to these generous companies and folks!

Finally, check out the great promo YouTube video, put together by Lars at Vid-Smith and Rob at Trek Video:

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