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Working together to rebuild resilience in Bellingham and all of Whatcom County.


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Community Resience starts with Seeds

Posted by Terri Wilde on March 21, 2022 at 3:03pm 0 Comments

Salish Seeds .....Local Community Seed Project

The Salish Seed Guild has started a remarkable project toward local food security. We are collectively growing out useful seed for home gardeners that are selected for and adapting to Whatcom County.  We knew at the beginning of the pandemic that it was well time to take our community's sustainability seriously. While we had been organizing Bellingham's community seed swap for years, much of the seed shared was last year's left overs from…


Interview with Larry Korn, Author of One Straw Revolutionary - May 2016

Posted by David Pike on January 18, 2020 at 5:18pm 0 Comments

An Interview with Larry Korn, Author of One-Straw Revolutionary

May 4th 2016

By: David Pike

Since The One-Straw Revolution was published in 1978 it has been translated into more than 25 languages and sold over one million copies worldwide. In “One-Straw” as the book has been dubbed, Mr. Masanobu Fukuoka presented an entirely new approach to agriculture which he called “natural farming.” After 25 years of research and trials he demonstrated he could achieve yields…


Ten Weeks In

Posted by Rick Dubrow on September 22, 2017 at 4:07pm 0 Comments

Succession came to pass on July 1st, ten weeks ago. A-1 Builders, Inc. is now A-1 Builders, A Design/Build, Worker-Owned Cooperative!  My former employees are now my bosses! For the time being I’m helping the new team deal with marketing on a part time basis; my hours worked per week since July 1st has been on the order of working 1/4 hour a week!  Can’t really call this ‘part time’; I think I’ll call it ‘microscopic time’.

Perhaps in other…


Slow Sand Fresh Water Filter

Posted by David Culver on November 22, 2016 at 6:54pm 1 Comment

I live in an all-electric home and when the power grid is out we have nothing. No water, no sewer, lights, cooking or anything else. I will have a generator to run sparingly to keep the freezer and the refrigerator going. Our home is a passive solar home with great insulation.

If the Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake happens, the grid could be out for a year. During that time, with the well pump not working, we will need a source of clean fresh water.

A slow sand filter, made…


Second Aid: Lessons Learned From Past Adventures

Posted by Rick Dubrow on November 3, 2016 at 11:51am 0 Comments

All too often I’ll run into another hiker and the following conversation ensues:

“How many nights are you staying out?”

“None… I hope. We’re on a day hike.”

“Then why are you carrying so large a pack?

Allow me to unpack my answer… an answer that addresses situations well beyond wilderness travel. An answer that extends into my settled, civilized life as well.  Why, at home, are Cindi and I prepared for a major natural or…


Welcome to Transition Whatcom's Community Networking Site!

This is a community networking site for those interested in helping us achieve our vision of resilient and more self-reliant communities throughout Whatcom County with a local food supply, sustainable energy sources, a healthy local economy, and a growing sense of vitality and community well-being.

About Transition Whatcom

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To learn more about Transition Whatcom, Start Here

We aim to unleash the collective genius of our community to find the answers to this momentous question:

For all those aspects of life that this community needs in order to sustain itself and thrive, how do we...

Dramatically reduce carbon emissions (in response to climate change);
Significantly increase resilience (in response to resource scarcity);
Greatly strengthen our local economy (in response to economic instability)?

Transition Initiatives make no claim to have all the answers, but by building on the wisdom of the past and accessing the pool of ingenuity, skills and determination in our communities, the solutions can readily emerge. Now is the time for us to take stock and to start re-creating our future in ways that are not based on cheap, plentiful and polluting oil but on localized food, sustainable energy sources, resilient local economies and an enlivened sense of community well-being.


To learn more about the issues, start here

(Why Transition, Peak Oil, Climate Change, Economy, Peak Everything)

Latest Activity

Sustainable Connections posted an event

Whatcom Housing Week at Various Locations

October 17, 2023 to October 21, 2023
Join the Whatcom Housing Alliance and our partner organizations for Whatcom Housing Week 2023: a series of events that build awareness and support for innovative housing solutions. Learn, engage, discuss, and feel empowered.Visit for a full schedule of events.See More
9 hours ago
Roxann Kay is now a member of Transition Whatcom
Sep 7
Sustainable Connections posted an event

Green Building Slam at Underground Nightclub

September 22, 2023 from 5:30pm to 9pm
The Green Building Slam has been a community favorite for years, and it's back again this fall! Join us on September 22nd at The Underground Nightclub.The Slam attracts local architects, builders, homeowners, energy efficiency experts, real estate professionals, interior designers, and green building enthusiasts like yourself. No matter how involved and interested you are in the green building industry, this event will inspire, educate, and spark productive conversations about how to reduce…See More
Sep 7
Tallie Leppala updated their profile
Aug 17
David MacLeod updated an event

Worm Composting & Soil Microscopy at Inspiration Farm

July 22, 2023 from 10am to 2pm
What are Bio-Active Compost Teas & Extracts?  They are biological liquids that come from compost that has been quality tested with a Microscope?  Microscopes have become more accessible/affordable & with some practice are actually quite easy to use.  One can even attach a phone/camera to a microscope to document/share what they see.  This class with Hunter Wolf will be hands-on so you can see if microscopy is a right fit for your situation.Starting with an explanation of the soil food…See More
Jun 3
David MacLeod updated an event

Bio-Active Teas & Extracts w/ Worm Compost & Microscopy at Cloud Mtn. Farm Center

July 15, 2023 from 10am to 2pm
What are Bio-Active Compost Teas & Extracts? Biological liquids that come from compost that has been quality tested with a Microscope. Microscopes have become more accessible/affordable and, with some practice, are quite easy to use (some even attach to your phone!). This hands-on class will go over what goes on in the soil food web, how to start and maintain a worm bin, how to make teas/extracts, and how to set up a microscope to assess soil biology. Worms will be available for sale for…See More
Jun 3
Zachary Robertson posted an event

Naked Bike Ride 15th anniversary at Karate Church

June 4, 2023 from 4pm to 9pm
Each year we ride for "safety and respect for all bodies, cyclists, and the environment!" This year we we add "Bans Off Our Bodies!" Join us in our 15th anniversary Naked Bike Ride!  Sunday June 4th 2023! us on Sunday June 4th for our 15th annual Naked Bike Ride!  Theme:In addition to "Safety and Respect for All Bodies, the…See More
May 23
David MacLeod updated an event

Whatcom County Farm Tour at Multiple locations in Whatcom County

September 16, 2023 from 10am to 4pm
Join Sustainable Connections during September Eat Local Month for the Whatcom County Farm Tour on Saturday, September 16th, 2023 from 10:00 AM-4:00 PM! Each farm location on the tour offers a unique opportunity to meet the folks who grow and raise local food and learn more about how that food makes it from the farm to our plates. Check back soon for information on which farms will be included on the tour this year. This self-guided event is FREE for all ages!See More
May 5


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Sian Sutherland: “Innovating the Business of Plastics”

Sian Sutherland is Co-founder of A Plastic Planet, one of the most recognised and respected organizations tackling the plastic crisis.

The view from Washington this week

The drama in Washington is all about the looming end of the federal fiscal year. All eyes are focused on House Speaker McCarthy and whether he can deliver enough votes to keep the government open come October 1st.

Beer farmers – a Fair Deal for a Good Drink

Traditional Belgian beer like Lambic and Geuze needs up to three years to mature. Yes, that is a long time, but there is a good reason for slowing down a bit: taking good care of farmers, nature, a brewing tradition, preservation and development of cereal diversity, and a very special taste.

Grounds Keeper of the Earth: How Campuses Can Transition to Organic Land Care

Seattle University has been a leader in pesticide-free and organically maintained landscape and land care since 1986.

Volume 1: “Stories of Regeneration and Resilience”

This volume contains seven stories of resistance, resilience and regeneration across the world that highlight how peoples proactive responses to the multiple crises the world faces—ecological, socio-cultural, political, economic, spiritual—are widespread and diverse.



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