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Hibernated Groups Sorted by Category Below with related sub-category groups.  Please note that most groups on this site are in hibernation.  We hope some of these groups might be revived.  Use these to inspire your imagination!

Transition Whatcom Workgroup Hub (Hub for work groups created out of the Great Unleashing, and working toward an EDAP)
TW Outreach Volunteers (volunteer work for TW)
Transition Whatcom ARC Group
(working to prepare Transition Whatcom Actions for Resilient Communities (TW ARC). Formally known as the Energy Descent Action Plan (EDAP))
Building and Housing
Affordable Housing for Homeowners, Natural Building Bellingham
Community Living
Ecological Restoration
Trash to Treasures
Economics and Business
Community Asks and Offers (barter/exchange/gift)Economic Evolution, Personal Finance Workgroup, Coworking Community, Tool Libraries
Education and Reskilling
Sanitation/Humanure (The Poop Group)
Alternative Energy, Lights Out and Energy Quantification
Food Security
Small Scale Grain and Beans Network, CSA Share Programs for Producers, Seed Savers - Preserving Our Ecological HeritageSmall Scale Grain and Beans, Urban Gleaning ProjectThe Chicken Club (The Flock), Franklin Park Gardening Club, Edible Gardens/Permaculture Network, Bellingham Gleaning Network
Government Liason
GMO Awareness and Action, Living Democracy
Heart & Soul
Energy Addicts Anonymous, Hippies Still in Transition, Reconnecting with the Natural World
Safety and Security
The Arts
Community Art, Music and Dancing and Stories, Gaia Inspires (Art, Movies, & Books), Transition Expression, Transition Film Series
Health and Wellbeing
Humor, Take Back Your Health


Transition Whatcom HUB for Local Transition Initiative Groups in Whatcom County


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