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David Holmgren: Permaculture & Peak Oil: Beyond Sustainability

Classic permaculture talk (2007). David is known for his lectures & his Australian applications. Author of “Permaculture: Principles & Pathways Beyond Sustainability” (2002) . David is co-author with Bill Mollison of the original 1978 book “Permaculture One: A Perennial Agriculture for Human Settlements”. In this 25” video he talks ”about the need to move beyond the lulling hope that 'green tech' breakthroughs will allow world-wide 'sustainable consumption' to the recognition that dwindling oil supplies inevitably mean a mandatory 'energy descent' for human civilization across the planet. He argues that permaculture principles provide the best guide to a peaceful societal 'powering down."
Pour yourself a cup of tea while watching.

David Holmgren's online guide to Permaculture Principles -

Network locally & work with neighbors applying permaculture principles to their lives at Earth Gardens-

Consider attending a local permaculture study group- or obtaining your permaculture design certification-

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Comment by Heather K on June 2, 2011 at 5:14pm
For those unable to view see- & Peak Oil- Beyond Sustainability” with David Holmgren's


Endurance of Suburbia – 7” more with Australian David Holmgren


Five more minutes with David H- “Permaculture Principles”-

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