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PERMACULTURE & PEAK OIL: Beyond 'Sustainability'

In this 2007 interview, David Holmgren talks about the need to move beyond the lulling hope that 'green tech' breakthroughs will allow world-wide 'sustainable consumption' to the recognition that dwindling oil supplies inevitably mean a mandatory 'energy descent' for human civilization across the planet. He argues that permaculture principles provide the best guide to a peaceful societal 'powering down."

This is a longer interview with Holmgren (26 minutes) that will give a greater sense of some of the ideas we will explore in my upcoming Folk School class (Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability), where we'll have David Holmgren (via video) presenting his principles in a classroom setting.

Holmgren has been a profound influence on the Transition movement. Rob Hopkins comment on this video when it was first posted in 2007:
"Regular readers will know that I often state, at every opportunity, that David Holmgren’s book, [Permaculture: Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability]( is the greatest book of the past 15 years. The EON Network have just posted an interview with David, recorded a month or so ago, in which he explores the whole concept of permaculture as a response to peak oil. David is, for me, the person from whom I have learnt the most about all of this, so this film is a bit of a treasure, and I think you’ll find it fascinating."

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