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Videos- Permaculture & Horticultural Lectures -plus- Edible Forest Garden Talks


Gardens of Destiny (creating edible forest gardens & seed-saving)


Wild & Closed Canapy Gardening in Prepartion for Edible Forest Garden - with Skeeter

Colony Collapse Disorder Prevention Turns Out To Be Easy


Fabulous Fava Beans with Farmer Walter!

Ecology Action's - Grow BioIntensive


Toby Hemenway- How Permaculture Can Save Humanity & the Earth, but Not Civilization    (1 hour video lecture.)

(Toby is a great scholar, permaculturist, gardener, & author of 'Gaia's Garden')

 Yes its a  long lecture,...but worth listening to more than once!


David Holmgren- “Permaculture & Peak Oil: Beyond Sustainability”-


David Holmgren- Permaculture Principles” 


For complete list of online books & videos for Permaculturists see-

 “Online Resources, Videos, Libraries for Permaculturists/Edible Forest Gardeners”-


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Comment by Heather K on May 25, 2011 at 12:40pm

David Holmgren-“Permaculture & Peak Oil: Beyond Sustainability”

David Holmgren- Permaculture Principles” - try clicking on playlist & then click on video on the right.

Comment by Heather K on March 13, 2011 at 7:53pm
Eat your seaweed and a little bit of Wild Food Every Day!

Nettle-Salmon soup video with locally grown cascade foods!


Living along the pacific rim o fire coast?  Remember the power of the ocean: tsunami wave on Japan island March 2011-

There is so much magnificence in the ocean! May we honor the power of our earth-home over any technology or possessions we care for. May our pacific island neighbors heal from their pain, their loss & grief. May we all be part of the healing.


Nature's Beauty & Power – Humpback whales feeding in Alaskan Waters -

Comment by Heather K on February 22, 2011 at 2:09pm

Social Permaculture is the connections between people and how we make decisions & care for each other.

View this 9" Democracy School Introductory Video-  

 This video tells about a weekend Democracy School weekend that enables residents to reclaim the original form of democracy, where residents make decisions on the best way to care for the earth's resources & each other. We can unite together and not allow corporations have any authority to make decisions on our homeland.  Seattle just held a deomocracy school and more weekend schools are being held all over the country.

Comment by Heather K on February 11, 2011 at 5:46am
Short - Videos - Grow Bio-Intensive  Ecology Action's -


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