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It seems the more we are challenged to our core, the more we tend to contract our energy and hold onto things, money, our stuff we perceive we might need. Heck some of us are holding onto old memories, self views and fat cells that do little to insulate us from life. It's easy to say that such things are not making us any happier. I sometimes wake up at night realizing I have clenched my fist. I just remember what an old teacher said once to me: "You can't receive abundance and joy if you are closed. You must open your hands and your heart!"

Being open to the gifts that come our way is a practice in itself. Today another teacher suggested we must 'embrace our roadblocks'. He suggested that resisting obstacles or trying to move such gigantic things on our path is missing the point: roadblocks just might be trying to tell us we are going the wrong way. Embracing our roadblocks with gratitude could be all it takes to realize there might be a better way. I often see people taking a sudden right turn after realizing that their current want is not able to be met. We can step back and say: OK, so what needs to happen here? What is a better more creative means to solve what I perceive as my need?

Recently, I met a colleague who took his own right turn in 1996. After years of being a banker he became increasingly appalled at how banks were taking advantage of their customers' lack of sophistication. He decided to do something about it. He wrote a book and tested his theory..which just happened to be a very great idea that worked. He applied what he knew about banking and created a system to put those priincples to work for everyday people. News of his reader's success spread like wildfire and the book catapulted his principle of saving money (on your mortgage and other credit accounts) into the news. At first, he was discredited by banks because his readers were beating their system. Then one by one, the banks began to embrace it. They realized that resistance was a roadblock and so they realized if they were more accepting of this practice they would be perceived as the good guy. At first what they perceived as a competitive advantage (rather begrudgingly) quickly became much more than that: the practice of helping educate their clients helped create mutual respect and weathier clients who actually had MORE money to invest instead of less. Imagine. Mutual abundance.

Sounds simple? Well the book and online software program that Harj Gill invented is now proven in over eight countries. It shows you how analyze all your bills and payments to make the most of your money --when and how it arrives into your own cashflow. It really is just a method to assist you to see where your money is going and creat a plan for your future needs. Once you know that you can take control of it. You are now working with the key banking principle to your own ends. His book and system: How to Own Your Home Year's Sooner are available on his site:

I recently became an affiliate of Mr. Gill and offer this link to my affiliate discount for a one year online trial of his software including a copy of his book:

If you try the system I'd be very pleased to hear of your progress. I know it works when it's thoughtfully applied. Knowledge usually does. Blessings!

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