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What is your personal (E)nergy (D)escent (A)ction (P)lan? #2 in the series.

Here are some things I do to help with the energy descent problem:

Ride my bike, take the bus, walk, and skateboard.

Shop at thrift stores, and other second hand goods establishments.

Shop at local businesses.

Practice growing food naturally.…


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What is Your Personal Energy Descent Plan (EDAP)?

    As the TWOG continues to explore ways to spark and support Transition Whatcom's efforts, we have begun a discussion about our own personal efforts to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and prepare for climate change. The next few TWOG blog posts will be about our individual efforts, questions and dilemmas. Hopefully this will become the beginning of a community-wide discussion, which can then help inform the creation of an EDAP/ARC for neighborhoods, and eventually for our county as a…


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Transition Whatcom Needs You!

We are getting close to having 1,000 Transition Whatcom registered members on the ning site! This is a great achievement and it means it’s time for us to become more active and visible in the community. Some of the best ways for you to help out are to:

1) Become a member of the Transition Whatcom Operating Group (TWOG)

2) Become an active leader of one of the Working groups

3) Volunteer to either help support working group activities or to help spread the word about the…


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