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Top 10 Hits - and Energy Bulletin

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You Say You Want a Revolution

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Naomi Klein’s recent article posted at New Statesman has been generating a bit of a buzz. The title is “Why Science is Telling All of Us to Revolt and Change Our Lives.” She begins with a story discussing a presentation by complex…


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Recommended Reading

Small Scale Aquaponics: From Fish Poop to Seafood Dinner - Peak Moment TV with Janaia Donaldson

Tour a closed-loop water system where one critter’s wastes become another’s…

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Take It From the Lummis

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"Take it from the Lummis (which describes their story in a nutshell) regarding the wisdom of believing promises sworn to by the government, or by the corporations pulling its (purse) strings."

So begins this month's "Just Thinking" column in the Whatcom Watch by my good friend Philip Damon. Phil's column this month, "…


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Why You Should Care About the Growth Management Act if You Live in Whatcom County

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I know, it sounds like a subject best left to professional planners, politicians, and policy wonks. But it turns out to be a really important piece that is shaping the character and landscape of Whatcom County. Perhaps more importantly it plays a role in our ability to become more resilient by preserving fertile farmland for the purpose of feeding our…


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Could Our Obscure Whatcom County Election Change the Planet?

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A couple of months ago there was a piece in the National Journal that put a spotlight on our humble county, and caught some local attention:…


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That Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Cue Johnny Mathis, singing "It's that most wonderful time of the year!"

I'm not talking about Christmas, however.  I'm talking about that time of year when the fresh, local fruits collide.  When you're getting the last of the Strawberries, the first of the Blueberries, and the peak of the raspberries!  I love how nature spaces out the fruit season so wonderfully!

These were picked minutes ago from our small but growing berry plants, including the above, plus red and black…


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The Many Uses of the Sun's Power

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Permaculture Principle #5: Use and Value Renewable Resources

“Make the best use of nature’s abundance to reduce our consumptive behaviour and dependence on non-renewable…


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Occupy Love, Part 2: Charles Eisenstein and Sacred Economics

Part 2 of my comments about this film...see Part 1 here.

As TW's Emily Farrell said, “My sense, so far, of this movie, is that it is grounded in the connectedness we feel in our hearts about what is happening in the world.”

And what attracts me most to the film is the portion featuring…


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International Permaculture Day

Today is International Permaculture Day.


This is a good time to consider the investment ideas from the Permaculture movement:

“The time now is of transition, of asking yourself,…


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Occupy Love - May 21 and June 11 at Pickford's Limelight Theatre

This is a 'heads up' that Transition Whatcom's Heart & Soul working group is partnering with the Center for S.A.C.R.Ed. Change, Community Food Co-op, Occupy Bellingham, Terra Organica, and the Pickford Film Center to show the film "Occupy Love" on May 21 at the Limelight Theatre, and an…


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Principles for the Pulse that is Peak Oil

From PatternDynamics (TM) by Tim Winton

From PatternDynamics (TM) by Tim Winton

A comment has just appeared below my blog post on…


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Peak Oil and the Illusion of Invincibility

Reposted from my blog Integral Permaculture.

Here’s an extended quote from this week’s Archdruid Report by John Michael Greer.  Worth reading in its entirety, but this section succinctly addresses the 'peak oil theory is dead' meme currently…


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NVC and Social Change Telesummit

Marshall Rosenberg's process, Nonviolent Communication, is a world-famous, proven, time-tested methodology for

- preventing and resolving misunderstandings and conflicts,

- offering compassionate understanding to others (and knowing when & how to ask for it ourselves),

- speaking our truth in a way that is more likely to lead to harmony than conflict, as well as

- creating exceptional interpersonal relationships - personal and…


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My Article on the PatternDynamics Workshop

David and Tim

me on left, Tim on right

Tim Winton, from New South Wales, Australia, recently visited the west coast of the U.S. and Canada, and I had the privilege of organizing one of his PatternDynamics (TM) workshop presentations here in Bellingham.  Following that, I had the…


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Save the Date: Tim Winton in Seattle and Bellingham Memorial Day Weekend

Hi Folks,

This is a "heads up" notice that Tim is now planning a return trip to the Pacific Northwest. More details will follow as they become available. If you're at all interested, you might want to note these dates on the calendar, and make sure you don't schedule any BBQs or family reunions for Memorial Day weekend, as this will be the only date that works for Tim's schedule.

The plan is for a 1 Day Workshop in Seattle on Saturday, May 25th, followed by a 2-Day…


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Aspects and Perspectives on Localization and Relocalization

Our Transition Whatcom book study group is currently going through Rob Hopkins’ latest book, The Transition Companion. Last week we looked at Chapter 4: “Resilience and Localisation.” The equivalent chapter in the previous book, The Transition Handbook, is “Why Small Is Inevitable.”  Both of these chapters are excellent introductions to the topic of “Localisation”…


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Traveling exhibit at Lynden museum explores traditional foods of Puget Sound natives

DEAN KAHN The_Bellingham_Herald


LYNDEN - A new traveling exhibit at Lynden Pioneer Museum is small in size but it deals with a big issue: the importance of what people eat and where their food comes from.The "Salish Bounty" exhibit was put together by the Burke Museum at the University of Washington. It's the first such presentation to land in Whatcom County since Burke's traveling exhibit program began six years ago.The exhibit's subtitle, "Traditional Native…


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Foundations of PatternDynamics - Tim Winton

Reposted from

Tim Winton recently posted an audio recording on his thepatternguy blog.

Click to listen to audio file:  …


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Last Chance to Provide EIS Scoping Comments

They stop accepting comments in regards to the proposed coal export terminal at Cherry Point after the 21st, so get them in now.

The easy way is to use their website form.


View other comments to get ideas - it's OK to say "I agree with what so and so said in comment#xxx, and I want this impact scoped."  And you can copy and paste…


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