Transition Whatcom

Attention Certified Permaculturists: You are
invited to bring your business cards, handouts, and fliers to Transition
Whatcom's Great Unleashing on April 10th where there will be a special
table reserved for Permaculture and Permaculturists.

Feel free to hang out at the table, staff the table, or just leave your Permie related material.  We don't know how many of you will bring material, so please
don't try to dominate the table, but rather remember Holmgren's
principles: Apply self-regulation; produce no waste, integrate rather
than segregate; use small and slow solutions; use edges and value the
marginal. We hope you will, as a result, obtain a yield!

Doors will open at 8:00am for set up.

Transition Whatcom's Great Unleashing!
April 10 and 11, 2010 at
Bellingham High School, 2020 Cornwall Ave, Bellingham, WA.
Day 1: 9am - 5pm
Day 2: 1pm - 6pm

Follow the links below to get all the details, or Click Here to download a well formatted, conveniently
packaged "TGU At A Glance" Word document to see all of the
important info about Day 1 of the Unleashing.

The Great Unleashing: An Overview
General Description of the event, and an "at a glance" outline of
the sessions on Day 1.

The Pedal Powered Parade
Come be a part of the pre-event parade on Saturday morning!

The Keynote Speakers: Rob Hopkins, Trathen Heckman, Vicki Robin, an...
Read their bios, see their photos, and learn what they'll be
talking about.

The Breakout Sessions: All the Details
Full details of who, what, when and where for the breakout sessions
on Day 1. We have a long list of local movers and shakers
presenting: Celt Schira, John Rawlins, Alex Ramel, Linda Quintana,
Kim Bauer, Cyndy Sheldon, Francis Ayley, Whatcom County Elders,
Brian Kerkvliet, Paul Kearsley, Dyana Fiediga, Seth June, Laura
Leigh Ridenour, David MacLeod, Dr. Frank James, Stephen Trinkaus,
Dillon Thomson, Cameron Murphey, Max Wilbert, Thia Riddle, Kendall
Hardy, Makena Henriksen, Jim McCabe, Chris Wolf, Gigi
Berardi-Allaway, Fred Berman, Walter Haugen, Kathryn Fentress, Ann
Gunderson, Robert Ashworth, Anders Carlson-Wee, Channing Showalter,
Rick Nicholson, Tom Anderson, Rick Dubrow, Wain Harrison, Jackie
Lynch, Carl Weimer, Preston Burris, and Brian Carpenter.

Music and

Music and food are important. Dana Lyons, Jan Peters, Burke
Mulvaney, Youth Jazz Band, and more!

The Exhibits
Read all about the exhibits and exhibitors.

An Overview of Day 2
This is the day when the real work of Transition Whatcom will
begin. We encourage everyone who has a strong interest in
Transition to prioritize attending Day 2 of The Great Unleashing.
It could be among the most important time spent of your entire

We couldn't put this event on without our sponsors. Please express
your thanks to these generous companies and folks!

See the article on The Great Unleashing in the 3/31/10 edition of Cascadia Weekly (p. 8 of this pdf file):

See the article on the Great Unleashing by Rick Dubrow in the March 2010 issue of Whatcom Watch:

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Replies to This Discussion

Thanks so much for this official invitation for Certified Permaculturists to have a table space at the Unleashing event. It is short notice, with only a week left before the event and so much gardening to do!
I look forward to many of us bringing in our flyers to share.
If anyone is willing to be the space organizer of this table – let us know, or just show up and take action.

Great reminder David re Holmgren's principles - apply self-regulation; produce no waste, integrate rather
than segregate; use small & slow solutions; use edges and value the
marginal, obtain a yield & share the abundance!
Hi Dave, Both Don & I came & helped set up this Thurs for the unleasing event.

So far, the folks expected to have info at the permi tables are:
Brian, Bruce, Paul, Seth, Dyanna, Chris, myself, and most likely more will come and we'll fit them in.

I noticed that both BUGS & Forest Gardens have a table labeled, so they may be willing to share space to.

I'll try to bring about 4 books, and there is a plastic carton under the table with a few office supplies if needed.
I also have a white board in case anyone wants to talk & draw...just ask me about borrowing the correct markers.


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