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Hello :)  

We are currently living in the area up near Birch Bay and would like to move closer in to town. We are a couple, both employed, no children and no pets. We live happily in a 160 sq ft tiny house that I built. Outside, the trailer measures 8 x 20 and is 13'5 tall. 

We are quiet, like to hike and cycle and read and explore Bellingham.

We especially like the Birchwood neighborhood because of the deep lots that would allow us to park in a backyard without infringing too much on the owners/hosts. We would really like to be anywhere we are welcome in Bellingham but just saying, Birchwood is very cool :)  As is the Fairhaven/Happy Valley area. We offer rent of $400

We are looking for property to buy but would like to rent in the mean time.  He works from home and so provides extra eyes on the property during hours that homes are usually empty. 

We would LOVE to not use our cars and be able to bike, walk or use the bus system. 

We are a vegan household and don't use any chemicals in our water run-off. We have a self-contained toilet (composting) and are very economical & sustainability-minded with our use of natural resources. 

If this sounds like something that you or anyone else that you know might like to do, please reach out. We are in a lovely place (on a retired horse farm) but would really like to have easy/bike access to Bellingham without suffering from weather related power outages and snowy roads. 

NOTE: we are a tiny house on wheels which is like an RV and which are largely not considered legal to live in full-time. We understand that what we are asking is not ok with everyone however we have been hosted by many a soul in other cities/states and have not had a problem. We are aware of other tiny house dwellers in back yards that are basically living under the radar...that's what we'd like to do. 

Thank you!!

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Give us a call. We hosted a tiny house friend and it worked well. We live in the Birchwood neighborhood!!!!

Angela and David



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