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Hope and a Solar Panel-Don Quixote makes a trip to the White House

Bill McKibben conducts a post-mortem of his valiant effort to joust with the political windmills in control of the industrial world.

Obama's White House is the setting for the unfolding drama of official bland and canned self-congratulations versus genuine tears shed for the future of the
human experiment.

As the Patricians who manipulate the levers of power, evaluate their next move to improve their opportunities in the latest short-term election cycle, nature takes the long view and we humans may not be part of this bigger picture--by our own collective choice.

While our political dialog wallows in "the junior high school lunchroom that now comprises our political life," we can still harness the efforts of local folks "bringing change home" to our own neighborhoods.

You have that opportunity this October 10, 2010, when Transition Whatcom participates in's 10-10-10 world-wide day of action.

Read about the highs and lows of the journey of a solar panel trying to return to the White House.

Then get busy.

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Will the Perennial Project be posted soon as an event, so we can start promoting it?

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