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Hello Whatcom County Folks

I've just received my Membership Approved email & am glad to be here. 

I've been in touch with Travis Linds so far & am friends with Sandie Ledray of Still Water Gifts.…


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Foundations of PatternDynamics - Tim Winton

Reposted from

Tim Winton recently posted an audio recording on his thepatternguy blog.

Click to listen to audio file:  …


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Bread-Making Class

Today's Bread-Making class was so fun! We learned the master bread dough recipe and made (and ate!) naan, pizza, and bread. The next class is slated for February 9th.

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Bread-Making Class this Saturday

This Saturday: Learn the ins and outs of bread-making using a very simple process that will enable you to have dough on hand all the time. This versatile dough can be made into many tasty things. We will make naan, pizza, and bread. Find out how easy this can be. Register at: Whatcom Folk School. $25 instructor/materials fee.

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Last Chance to Provide EIS Scoping Comments

They stop accepting comments in regards to the proposed coal export terminal at Cherry Point after the 21st, so get them in now.

The easy way is to use their website form.


View other comments to get ideas - it's OK to say "I agree with what so and so said in comment#xxx, and I want this impact scoped."  And you can copy and paste…


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An interesting essay by David Korten about an emerging spiritual paradigm

Food for thought for thinking about what fuels Transition on the broadest scale of our imagination:

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Consumption and Consumerism

After seeing Growth Busters last night at the Limelight, I find this clip from 'The Colbert Report' most appropriate.

Added by Paul Kuepfer on January 16, 2013 at 3:40pm — 1 Comment

Lessons From the Ages for 2013, Part 2

Mayan Calendar

Read Part 1 here.

The Maya Civilization has earned a great deal of respect. Beginning sometime around 2000 B.C., they had a fully developed written language, as well as well developed art, architecture, mathematical, and…


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Lessons from the Ages for 2013, Part 1

Brand Spanking New

Brand Spankin’ New (Zony Mash)

Well, here we are in the brand-spankin’ new year of 2013, with all of its rich possibilities before us, as well as all of…


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