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I've just received my Membership Approved email & am glad to be here. 

I've been in touch with Travis Linds so far & am friends with Sandie Ledray of Still Water Gifts.

If you've read my Profile page, you'll see that I'm a dual citizen, currently living in Canada, but looking to move to Whatcom County. I live a 'small footprint' life in my travel trailer & would like to be off-grid/self-sustainable. This is the 3rd time I've opted for this lifestyle. I'm very interested in growing food for personal consumption and have done, on a small scale, for the past 3yrs. I'm also very interested in aquaponics. I've done the research but not had an opportunity to actually set up a system yet. Working with others is very appealing too. I love that some of you are involved in Sharing already. Is there a 'commercial kitchen' somewhere? Or another kitchen shared by folks when doing large cooking events/projects?

I'll be Posting in the Asks & Offers section soon. I look forward to meeting more of you, here, and, at some point, in person.

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