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Meeting Yesterday With Sheriff Bill Elfo About Unfolding Economic Collapse- Will County Council Act???

 I didn't realize til yesterday that the written comments I'd submitted to the County Council a while back had been posted on the Herald's political blog at  or that there were 67 comments to them.
Below I am posting a press release that I am hoping the Bellingham Herald will also post to their political blog as it updates the unfolding collapse.
Yesterday I had a half hour meeting about my concerns with Sheriff Bill Elfo who shares many of my concerns, as do two of the seven Council Members (Tony Larsen and Barbara Brenner). I hope Larson and Brenner will meet with Sheriff Elfo, and that the three of them will discuss this issue with the rest of the Council.

In light of what is unfolding, I find it deeply disturbing that the County has contengency plans for natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, and the possability of Mt.Baker blowing up, but there is no contingency plan for the economic collapse that we're witnessing take place right before our eyes. I hope people reading this will contact the County Council to back my strong concerns. The Council can be reached via

Yesterday, prior to my meeting with Sheriff Elfo, I sent him and the Council the following press release. I hope a lot of people on Transition Whatcom will read and and let me know what you think. I am providing this information as a public service. It is my hope that all of us can transcend our political differences and just work together as friends and neighbors because its becoming increasingly clear to me that we can't count on any level of government to help us with this. If any of you share my concerns, please contact the County Council and urge them to hold a meeting to properly discuss this so as to develop contingency plans and so they will make a public statement urging badly needed preparedness.

For Immediate Release:                                                                                                                       April 19, 2011
John C. Hammell, President
International Advocates For Health Freedom
556 Boundary Bay Rd.
Point Roberts WA 98281 USA
800-333-2553 N.America H&W
360-945-0352 H&W
Member- Hall of Honor
Freedom Force International


John Hammell of Point Roberts Washington has made two presentations before the Whatcom County Council to urge the Council to convene a special meeting for the purpose of developing a contingency plan specifically for the possible collapse of the US Dollar. Hammell's renewed alert comes shortly following Bloomberg's news that Standard and Pores has just revised the US credit outlook to "negat..., and also following the Wall Street Journal's report that George Soros has just held a second Bretton Woods conference for th...

Hammell's oral and written comments to the Council can be seen at the Bellingham Herald link above as well as a letter he received from Whatcom County Sheriff Bill Elfo.

Many of the comments following Hammell's comments are quite thought provoking and useful. Hammell hopes a lot of people all over Whatcom County, the State of Washington, America and the world will read the information at the link above and ponder will it. His goal is to encourage neighbors to help neighbors and for as many people as possible to take steps to prepare for what he feels is a planned collapse of the US Dollar. It is Hammell's view that the US Dollar is being collapsed intentionally in order to force America, Canada, and Mexico together into a Council on Foreign Relations planned North American Union Collectivist Dictatorship modelled after the EU, which Matthias Rath, MD asserts in his book The Nazi Roots of the Brussel...

 Although comments are now closed, Hammell hopes the Bellingham Herald will consider reopening them, here is why:


I have a meeting today with Sheriff Elfo about this at 11 am in Bellingham, and will be making additional presentations to the County Council in the hope that they will hold a Special Meeting specifically to address these concerns.

I continue to hold the view that it is seriously irresponsible for Whatcom County to be doing ongoing contingency planning for the possability of a natural disaster such as an earthquake, tsunami, erruption of Mt.Baker....... while doing NOTHING to prepare for the pending collapse of the US Dollar, despite the fact that what is unfolding is as plain as the nose on your face and the fact that you don't have to be a rocket scientist to realize the truth of what is coming at us a lot more rapidly now.

While comments to what I had posted on the Bellingham Herald's website are now closed (I will call to request they be re-opened), I'd like to point out a few significant things that have happened since they CLOSED the comments......


Just yesterday S&P revised the US Credit Outlook to "NEGATIVE"

This event sent shock waves through Congress which is grappling desperately with the Deficit and which clearly LACKS the political will to solve the problem.... we're witnessing the DEATH of the grand experiment called AMERICA..... unless everyone stands shoulder to shoulder and rallies around the Constitution as the Oathkeepers are strongly urging via their Operation Sleeping Giant

Moreover- George Soros Just Held a Second Bretton Woods Conference..... In the same hotel in New Hampshire that the FIRST one was held in... There was a near total media blackout on this highly noteworthy event...... but the Wall Street Journal sure took notice and we should too:

Unreported Soros Event Aims to Remake Entire Global Economy

So...... What does "Citizen Hammell" recommend?

Hammell recommends very strongly that the 5 Members of the Whatcom County Council who failed to grasp the seriousness of this situation when I made my two appearances before them confer with the 2 members of the County Council who DO share my strong concerns (Barbara Brenner, and Tony Larson). He ALSO recommend they confer with Sheriff Elfo, and with Chief Tom Schreiber from the Department of Homeland Security, who is the boss of Omar Longorio, Port Inspector, Point Roberts border crossing who I have met with and who SHARES my strong concerns.... I recommend that everyone in Whatcom County, the State of Washington, America, and the World read the written comments I submitted to the Whatcom County Council, to reflect on them, and on the 67 comments posted following them.

I hope the Bellingham Herald will consider re-opening the comments period since I am sending this press release world wide and that will generate a lot of traffic to the Herald's website from a lot of outside the box thinkers from my global email distribution list and from people they forward it to. It would be great if we could have a wider dialogue on the issues I'm raising so we can all work together to develop contingency plans in the event that the worst happens, something the Pentagon & Military sure aren't ignoring


Hammell recommends that people from all over the country who share my strong concerns move immediately to Point Roberts to assist in my effort to organize people along with Craig Jacks who created "Heart House" on Tyee Drive for the purpose of facilitating neighbors helping neighbors so we can all work together, regardless of superfluous political differences to strengthen our already tight knit community so that if the "unthinkable" should happen, and there is a total collapse of the US Dollar as a growing number of people think is entirely possible, we'll have a lot of people growing food here, and we'll have our own alternative currency. I am in communication with Fourth Corner Exchange in Bellingham and a group of us here plan on inviting Francis Ayely up here to make a presentation about this alternative currency at Heart House.

Heart House  (the informal Capital of the autonomous libertarian zone known fondly as "The Bob" ) is the yellow house next to Neilson's hardware store on the corner of Benson (on the same side of Tyee as Neilsons). Its got hearts cut into the shutters, and is one of Point Roberts heritage homes dating back to when the Icelandic settlers first arrived. We don't intend to create a sign for Heart House, Point Roberts is so small that we don't need to. Everyone knows which house it is.

Already at Heart House we've been  holding community meetings so that we can all get better acquainted. Its a place where you can drop by to sing with others who have guitars, its a place where you can watch films and where you can hold meetings. Jeff Butts gave a talk about Eagles recently, and led us on an Eagle hike at Lily Point. He urged us all to join Lily Point Eagle Defenders and several of us have just been hanging out there talking about unfolding events in the world around us pondering how we can best prepare for a very uncertain future...

Already we have broken ground on the Heart House Garden, we've rototillered in some horse manure and we're getting ready to plant heirloom seeds for vegetables that can be canned. We intend to collaborate with the Point Roberts Community Garden on Island View Lane, and we intend to create a seed bank with help from all the different gardeners on the Point who we are hoping to organize so that everyone can teach everyone skills such as grafting fruit trees, permaculture, bee keeping, etc.

We've got plans for a chicken coop and bee hives at Heart House, and we make announcements about what we're doing in the All Point Bulletin, our local paper, and in the Trinity Lutheran Church on APA Rd where many of us talk after the service in the Fellowship Hall. I've also been carrying the message of Heart House to our neighbors to the North via informal conversations in the Sauna at Winskill Aquatics Center in Tsawwassen BC, and at Sacred Heart Catholic church in Ladner BC.

On Sunday, after church in Ladner, I had breakfast in Tsawwassen where I discussed Heart House with a Canadian couple who had just attended services at the Baptist Church in Tsawwassen.


We're getting our message out one day at a time, by knocking on doors in our neighborhoods, so that neighbors are  helping neighbors much in the way described in the 1941 Depression Era film "Meet John Doe" starring Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyk

I've been urging everyone in Point Roberts, and everyone on my global doublt opt in email distribution list of thousands of people to watch this film because doing so will help everyone work together to transcend the ruling elite's efforts to get us all divided up so we can't see what they're trying to do. If everyone watches this film, when the economic collapse occurs, we'll all be able to better pull together.

My father survived the Great Depression. When he was 12 years old in 1929 the stock market crashed destroying his father's business. They survived by growing a huge backyard garden, and by bartering for eggs with their neighbors who had chickens. No one had any money, but they had each other, and all of us today must learn from what happened back then especially because we're so far removed from the land compared to 1929 when the family farm still existed.

Here in Whatcom County,. we're far luckier than in most parts of America in that there still are at least SOME family farms, and far more people are into gardening and canning here than in most parts of the country, but EVEN HERE we can do far more to prepare than we have. When the dollar becomes wallpaper and we are turned into the next Weimar Republic, it is my fervant wish that no one in Point Roberts will attempt to loot the International Marketplace because they won't need to. Everyone will have made an effort to prepare by laying in food reserves, taking steps to protect their assets, and by making plans to put in a much bigger backyard garden this year.....

So, is there a method to Hammell's apparent "madness"?

Apparently so!!!


It is our fervant wish that people all over America consider emulating the example we're trying hard to set here in "The Bob", a place we're proud to call home.
We urge anyone interested in moving to a safe place before the crash occurs to consider moving to Point Roberts a place where neighbors still help neighbors, in the time honored tradition that made America great. We especially welcome permaculturists, arborists, beekeepers, fishermen, farmers, people living aboard boats, woodworkers, artists, writers and other iconoclasts of an entreprenurial bent who think outside the box and feel that the BEST government is the LEAST government (the government that leaves you the hell alone.) No matter where you live though, all of us here on "The Bob" urge you to create your OWN contingency plan so that no matter WHERE you are, you'll be able to weather the coming economic storm.
If anyone wishes to connect with me on these matters- a good way is via the Transition Whatcom website where I maintain a presence at I can also be reached via 800-333-2553 H&W Pacific time or via
If you live in Point Roberts feel free to drop by any time, I live at 556 Boundary Bay Rd., corner of Williams, 3rd house in from APA Rd.
On Sundays I alternatively attend Point Roberts Luthern Church, and Sacred Heart Catholic in Ladner BC
You'll also find me in the Saunas and around the Pool deck at Winskill Aquatics Center in Tsawwassen BC and at Ladner Leisure Center in Ladner BC
I am often hiking the upper loop on Lily Point as well since I can walk there in 5 minutes from my house.
This summer you will also find me sailing my Laser off South Beach here in Point Roberts. I keep my boat right next to the "No Trespassing" sign at the foot of South Beach Rd. Please forward this to more people, publish it in your paper, and repost to more websites!! Thanks!!!

About John Hammell:
John C. Hammell is the son of US Navy Frogman and WW2 vet Richard Hammell, Captain, USNR and Margaret Holmes Hammell. His father was the world's foremost expert on the internal guidance systems of ICBMs and shipboard anti missile systems and had a post war career at Bell Telephone Labs and in Naval Intelligence.
Hammell resides in Point Roberts WA where he is the President of International Advocates for Health Freedom, a consulting firm to the natural products industry.
Hammell maintains a double opt in email distribution list of thousands of people all over the world and his articles have appeared in numerous publications including Life Extension Magazine and others. Hammell, a political lobbyist for the natural products industry and professional political organizer can be seen in the documentary film "We Become Silent- The Last Days of Health Freedom" by award winning film maker Kevin C. Miller. The film is narrated by Dame Judi Dench, the famous British actress who donated her time to help make it The film discusses the UN Codex International threat to health freedom, a threat which Hammell was the first to ever call to global attention as a whistleblower in 1996 via an article in Life Extension Magazine.

Hammell is a Masters swimmer, sailor, gardener, backyard poultry farmer, and he's recently developed an interest in beekeeping. He is a former boatbuilder and professional sailor who has delivered yachts up and down the eastern seaboard surviving hurricanes at sea. He has lived without electricity or running water for two years in an abandoned cabin on an island off the NE coast of Maine where he lived heavily off the land. He has lived on a farm in Vermont where 100 people were food self sufficient, and he's lived in a commune in the Appalachian Mountains of SW Virginia where he was also involved with Seven Springs Farm, a coop farm. Hammell is the Chapter Leader of the Weston A. Price Foundation's Point Roberts Chapter through which he teaches people about the healing properties of nutrient dense foods.

Hammell is a lobbyist for the natural products industry and has done a lot of work on Capital Hill shaping legislation to defend consumer access to dietary supplements, herbs, and to suppressed alternative medical treatments. Hammell has done hundreds of radio shows over the years and many audio clips cn be found in cyberspace including shows he's done with such luminaries as Gary Null, George Noory, Joyce Riley, Erskine, and others...Hammell's favorite pastime is having spontaneous conversations with strangers about almost anything. He attends the Point Roberts Lutheran Church, Sacred Heart Catholic in Ladner BC, and is equally at home in a native american sweatlodge. A Libertarian, Hammell is a personal friend of Congressman Ron Paul who he has done a lot of work with over the years and is neither a Republican or Democrat, preferring to not assist in the New World Order's efforts to get everyone all divided up along largely superfluous party lines. No stranger to controversy, Hammell estimates that his FBI file is probably over a foot thick by now given that the FBI first started keeping a file on him the day he was born due to his father's high security clearance. Hammell was once personally thanked for his health freedom work by someone from the Intelligence Division of the Washington Capital Police who had been assigned the task of monitoring him when he signed up to speak at a public meeting at FDA Headquarters.

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