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Last September I organized an event called Tour de Coop - we rode bicycles around town and looked at urban chicken coops. It was a lot of fun! (Looks like some of you did a similar thing in November, too?)

This year I'm planning another Tour de Coop on the afternoon of June 27, and I'd love for some of my Transition Whatcom folks to join in! Here's the website I put together for the event:

Hope you can be there!

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Great idea, Josh! I can't wait!

sounds fun!
Are you going to have this again this year Josh? If so, you might consider expanding it to Point Roberts. We have a lot of people here with coops. Some really hard core chicken folks in Bellingham might enjoy the challenge of cycling all the way up here, or you might enjoy cartopping your bikes up here to ride around here, if enough people show interest, I'll organize a similar event here this spring.
John, I'd love to see Tour de Coop rides all over the county. I can help set up the web registration and such if you would like to do some on-the-ground Pt. Roberts organizing!


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