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I got this message from Naomi but there was no way to reply to it and I did not see it here, so I am posting it as a Discussion:
A message from Naomi Gibson to all members of Transition Columbia on Transition Whatcom!

Hey fellow Columbia residents,
     Are any of you interested in having some sort of low-key meet and greet? Whether it's just a few of us going for tea, or a bunch of us having a potluck, I think it would be awesome for us to connect (or reconnect) and get excited about transitioning in our wonderful ol' neighborhood. Let me know if you're up for it!


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I'd be happy to have folks to my home on Park St. for a cup of tea some afternoon.  Thanks for the idea, Naomi! 



2613 Park St. 

Great idea!  Thanks, Naomi and Meredith.  

Would you like to put a couple dates/times out to us?

we're in - we may be able to recruit Lynne and Stan too

waiting on the details...

I'd like to join in too. Thanks, Naomi and Meredith. 

Wonderful!  Would a weekday afternoon work for any of you?  Those seem best for me.  Monday, Feb. 3 or Wed. Feb. 5 for a 3 pm tea? 


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