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This discussion will keep you updated as to what products we have for sale or barter at any given time... mostly food and food-producing plants and animals that you can grow yourself. Everything on our farm is raised according to Permaculture principles, in accordance with Nature, and although we do not have "organic" certification we do not use any chemicals of any sort. Our animals have happy, healthy lives outdoors in the sun and the grass.

We currently have for sale: Apple trees grafted one year ago, mostly dwarf and semi-dwarf size. $10 each. Contact Chris Wolf.

Soon we will have:

- Graft-your-own Apple trees: we provide the rootstock, scion wood, and coaching on how to graft a fruit tree. $5 to $10 suggested donation per tree-- contact Chris Wolf to schedule a personal grafting lesson.

- Laying hens in a few months (Rhode island reds and Black sex-links, both prolific brown-egg layers who are dual-purpose birds and therefore big enough to eat as well).

- This summer we will be selling vegetables and eggs directly from our farm, so contact us any time and bring your family out to harvest your own veggies from the field and eggs from the nest boxes (it's a fun outing!)

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We also have garlic available for purchase (to eat and/or plant for garlic greens), leeks, and hazelnuts in the shell.  Contact me (Chris Wolf).

We can accept part Life Dollars too if you are a Fourth Corner Exchange member :)


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