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This discussion is where you should add your comments which address the question "What do we want our Action Plan to do?"

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Here are some relevant comments from the March 28th discussion of the "objectives" issue.


I’m hearing three different parts: 1) educating about issues, 2) What our vision is, and 3) How to get from here to there.

The document can cover five categories 1) Education 2) Vision 3) Step by step 4) Celebration and Recognition 5) How you can get involved.

Based on discussion at the April 18th meeting, I'd like to revise the previous conclusion with


1. Explain the issues of peak oil and climate change in the context of transition. ( A lot of this is in the ERSPO report.)

2. Present several possible scenarios for the future in Whatcom County.

3. Emphasize the importance of individual iniative and efforts. Celebrate work, already in progress, that advances relilience.

4. Provide an information resource on practical measures that enhance resilience. Target individals, organizations of  various sizes, local government, etc. Make the information accessible and relevant for people with varying interests.

5. Explain how people can partici[pate in TW and contribute to the resource. 

I think you both covered the main topics in my notes.  

On the presentation of possible future scenarios, we wanted people to understand that the steps suggested would help our community be resilient no matter which scenario came true.

I also believe the process of engaging the community is key.  Adam mentioned in another discussion the importance of this collaborative process.  His exact words were "find cooperative ways forward in a time of rapid (and brutish) historical change" and "As we change patterns of behavior, perhaps ways will open for new, cooperative structures to emerge."  So our purpose is to create a structure to hold and disseminate the information and to create the ongoing process to tap the creative genius within all of us.

How about GOP, get off petroleum or GOPAC (get off petyroleum and coal) or STAFF (strategy to accept fewer frills), or STUFFIT (strategy to use fewer frivolous Items) or BLADD (buy less and don't drive). 

Linda - I agree on the idea that resilience improves our ability to deal with any scenario.  That has to be part of our resilience sales pitch.  And I think that sales pitch would be a part of my objective #1 - if we were to write out all the details.


I also agree about engaging the community.  I believe we need to think about a project plan at some point. There is a lot more that needs to be done beyond putting info on a web site.  Public participation is one of the things that goes on the plan - but there are other things we shouldn't ignore either.

Peter - A real burst of creativity!  Thanks, we needed that. 

But maybe you meant this to be under the "New Working Name" discussion?  We'veadded a bunch of new stuff all at once.  I hope our multiple discussions aren't too confusing.  Let us know if they are...

Peter Holcomb said:

How about GOP, get off petroleum or GOPAC (get off petyroleum and coal) or STAFF (strategy to accept fewer frills), or STUFFIT (strategy to use fewer frivolous Items) or BLADD (buy less and don't drive). 

Been thinking of a concise way to describe our project based on the comments so far.  Here's a try:


To forward the goal of building a joyful resilient community, we are creating

1. A collaborative inclusive process of engaging as many members of our county as possible,

2. A place to reflect on what works, what doesn't and what we haven't tried yet, and

3. An information resource guide on practical measures to take that are accessible and relevant to all.


I like your description, Linda.


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