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Did you know General Alexander Haig was the real deep throat (FBI boss was also a deep throat, but to a lesser degree) and he set up the events that led to the catching of the Watergate burglary? Also Haig had discovered Nixon was getting regular deliveries of cash from Vietnam. Haig had the courier followed to and from Nixon. Was that what motivated Haig to set up the Watergate burglars for arrest? 


Listen to Lamar Waldron’s describe his new book,



 I have much of this in my books about the Nixon and Ford years that agrees with Lamar Waldron's work.


The Nixon Years 1969 to Aug 9, 1874

Some Unpopular History of the United States


The Ford Years – Aug. 9, 1974 to Jan. 20, 1977

Some Unpopular History of the United States


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I have attached a 14 paged summary of the facts I noted in my books.   I have not read Lamar Waldron's book yet, nor to I know its title (he wrote so many books). 

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