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Hi all transitioners.

I just wanted to let you all know that I have an abundance of winter squash, sugar pie pumpkins and garlic, both for planting (yes it is not too late) and eating. I have been selling them but I am willing to barter or donate some so they don't go to waste. Permaculture principal "Share the surplus" I would be willing to swap for other food that I don't have or maybe you have a skill or some time that you would be willing to trade for. Sell some to your neighbors and get some for yourself as a commission! Give me a call or drop me an email and lets talk.

Happy harvest

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~ Hi Brian, I would like to get some 1 hubbard, 1 spagetti and some delicata squash, if you have these types.  I am also interested in Kabocha.  I have felted soap balls I made that are quite delicious(soap made by local soap maker Sandie Ledray and balls and bars made by me then felted). 

Are you interested in a trade?   I also plan to be making soap on a rope if that's of interest too!  These will be bars and not balls! 


Cheers,  Jamie


Hi Brian,

I am interested in winter squash and garlic for planting.  My brother, Myles, is interested in seed garlic as well.  Do you need any weeding done at the farm?  Myles has a small flock of chickens (and I know you also have a lot of chickens, too!) but perhaps we could pull weeds and keep some of the weeds to feed his chickens, while feeding the rest to your flock.  Let me know if this is of interest! 

I am willing to do any sort of trade work and/or pay cash. I am looking to plant some of these things. How do I contact you or find your farm?


Kristin :)


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