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We are a couple co-parenting a 1 year old looking to buy land with one or a few other people to create a communal situation. Many years ago we spent about 2 years of our lives trying to create a true intentional community in California. We finally realized that it would not work. We still have a strong desire to live close by like-minded people and for our child to have a safe, natural environment to grow up in. So our vision has adapted based on our prior experiences and now we are envisioning a purchase of a larger acreage preferably an existing event venue which can be rented out for public or private events to generate income. Gradually, we would like to construct buildings for more people to live and work there while maintaining our privacy and also our needs for contact and community. Eventually we would like to farm on the land and also have crafts workshops which could be rented out to artists. And if the land is really beautiful perhaps a bed and breakfast could be constructed and in the event space regular yoga or dance or other classes could be taught.

We are in our 40ies and 50ies and this is not a fluke but a matured plan and intention. There can be tremendous advantages from buying land together with people and if there was a community aspect as well. One great advantage would be to be able to effectively cut the land purchase price in half or in thirds. We now believe that individual ownership of each parcel and house may be safer and more likely to succeed. In our minds it would be more like being really good neighbors but perhaps sharing a building and certain tasks on a voluntary basis. And if the friendship grows, that's great too. 

The land we are looking for should be within 30-40 min from Bellingham, maybe in the foothills of mountains with wooded and clear areas for growing food and having animals. We do have funds. If you are in a position to buy land and if you have similar ideas we should talk. Please only respond to

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I hope you're able to accomplish this vision!  Consider joining our Community Asks and Offers Group, and posting this there as well.


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