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Fruit Tree Food Forest & Permaculture Guild Plants
Event Date: 3/27/2010, 10am - 5pm
Part of the Inspiration Farm/Transition Whatcom Reskilling Series.  Inspiration Farm will donate 10% of income from this class to The Great Unleashing! Plant a garden and eat for a year, plant a Forest Garden and eat for decades! This hands on workshop will give you a strong understanding for designing, planting and orchestrating a perennial food forest. Northwest fruit and nut tree cultivars suited to our bioregion, guild plants that fertilize, attract pollinators and mulch will be covered. By stacking the layers of systems one can imitate the productivity of a forest by capturing and storing available nutrients, water and sunlight. Once established it will continue to provide for most of its own needs, and produce food for decades! $30 - $60 sliding scale. 10 am to 5 pm at Inspiration Farm, 619 E. Laurel Rd. Call 398-7061 to register.

Film: The Age of Stupid
Event Date: 3/27/2010, Two shows 7pm and 9pm
Transition Whatcom Film Series at the Firehouse. "We could have saved ourselves, but we didn't. It's amazing. What state of mind were we in, to face extinction and simply shrug it off?"

A film about the future we could face if we don't make changes- and quickly. This one is not for the fainthearted, because the combination of documentary and a fictionalized "future" as told by the narrator carries double the impact of a purely factual film. That said, the message is conveyed creatively and clearly. Pete Postelwaite is entirely believable as the weary archivist of the future, who is still in disbelief at the facts available to humanity in 2010- and how easy it was for even the most well-intentioned of us to ignore them at times. Watch the trailers:

Two shows- 7pm and 9pm. Location: Fairhaven Firehouse, 1314 Harris Avenue, Bellingham.

Transition Ferndale Meeting
Event Date:
, 6:30pm
Continuing our discussion about our future, we will focus on listing our skills and resources. I look forward to hearing from others and plan to be inspired. I believe we all have more to offer than we realize and this is what I have always taken with me from each meeting of Transition people.
For directions and RSVP call Peggy at 384-0861

The Age of Stupid
Event Date: 4/7/2010, 7pm
7:00pm at Arntzen Hall 3, WWU. A weary archivist (played very convincingly by Pete Postelwaite) looks back from the year 2050, still amazed that with all that humanity knew in 2010, we still found ways to justify use of fossil energy until it was simply too late.

Fascinating, but sobering and highly discomforting- we all know there are no easy answers, and we
all can find ways to justify our own use of energy...yet, it is also unconscionable to continue on with business as usual. Discussion to follow. Sponsored by Transition Whatcom Film Series.

The Great Unleashing YouTube Video

If you haven't yet shared this with your world, we have a new link you should use instead of the
one sent out earlier.  This one links to the Transition Whatcom YouTube channel.
You didn't know we had a YouTube channel?  Click here to check it out and see the
great videos listed as Favorites and on Playlists.

The direct link to the Great Unleashing Promo video to pass on to your email lists
is this:

Or copy and paste this complete blurb to your friends:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Transition Whatcom's  Great Unleashing!

Because of the inevitable problems we’ll experience as a result of energy issues, we’re going to be challenged profoundly in the ways we live. As a community, we have two choices: we can sit back and wait, or we can respond proactively and begin making real changes that will lead to a more resilient community. The GREAT UNLEASHING is an event that will engage Whatcom County in a collective and committed response, and will kick-off the process of creating a 10-20 year energy descent action plan.

THE GREAT UNLEASHING will be a two-day celebration and extravaganza that will motivate, excite, educate and engage our community in coming together to envision a vibrant, resilient, and dramatically less energy-dependent Whatcom County, and will unleash our collective genius as we start working towards a tangible and compelling plan to get us there.

Please Check out the Great Unleashing Video on YouTube:

Day 1 will have many activities, including a recorded greeting from Rob Hopkins, and keynote talks by the noted author and Transition U.S. board member, Vicki Robin, author Frances Moore Lappe (Diet for a Small Planet), and Transition U.S. board member, Permaculturist, and Executive Director of Daily Acts, Trathen Heckman. You can also expect a parade, exhibits, breakout sessions on numerous themes, and more.

Day 2: Based on our visioning, we’ll begin to form project groups that will address critical issues our community is facing and start the process of articulating an Energy Descent Action Pathway. This will be our roadmap to a future of greater freedom from oil-dependency, much greater local resilience, and a more satisfying personal and community life, and will celebrate and expand on the many positive actions already happening in our community.

Admission by donation: No one will be turned away for lack of funds!
Please offer your support by purchasing advanced tickets for $15 at the following locations: Village Books, Terra Organica, and The Community Food Co-op.

Transition Whatcom Community Networking site:
YouTube video:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Call for Volunteers!

Volunteers needed for Day 1 of the Unleashing. Please contact Rick Dubrow if you can offer your services. 360-319-3705, or email

The Great Unleashing Parade!

Neighborhood Transition Initiatives are encouraged to march together in the pre-Unleashing People-Powered Parade. Please organize your TI or neighborhood group to meet in your neighborhood on the morning of April 10th and bike together to the parade gathering site at the La Fiamma parking lot by 8:45 am-- for the People-Powered Parade!  Bikes, unicycles, stilts,
rollerskates, skateboards, musical instruments, kids, costumes, wigs, banners, flags, hula hoops, etc are all encouraged!  

The York neighborhood is gathering before the Great Unleashing to make a banner announcing, "Transition York Neighborhood!" and we would like to challenge other 'hoods to announce themselves with a banner as well!  Contact Chris Wolf for all parade related questions:

Transition Whatcom Wish List

The beginnings of our wish list -

Day 2 of the Great Unleashing will need:

1.       Easels and paper pads

2.       Marking pens
Blue tape

4.       5 x 7 sticky pads

5.       Finger food/snack and tea donations

Please contact Cindi Landreth if you can offer any of the above:

Tickets for The Great Unleashing!

Did we mention advance tickets are available?  Remember, Admission is by donation: No one will be turned away for lack of funds!  However if you can do so, please offer your
support by purchasing advanced tickets for $15 at the following
locations: Village Books, Terra Organica, and The Community Food Co-op

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