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The Upcoming Transition Away From a Fossil Fuel Based Society: David Holmgren Talks Strategy

David Holmgren is interviewed at GroAction.  This is a 51 minute video.  Long, but well worth watching, as David Holmgren shares much wisdom, with a big picture perspective based on years of hands on practice.  See the attachment below for my notes - a rough and partial transcript.  See Walter's discussion about this interview here.


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Teaser quotes:


"I think that, while the big political movement stuff is always going to be in some ways more exciting – and there’s certainly some exciting aspects of that emerging in the world now around the notion of demanding that someone do something, I don’t think those things really help change the structure much, unless people are also making the changes themselves.  …The sort of world we’re trying to construct, I think it’s actually impossible to construct that top-down. It has to actually be rebuilt bottom up, in parallel with the crumbling system. … The things we need are all very small, localized, particular, and large scale systems just can’t do that."


"Suburbia is not just going to disappear overnight…it’s going to be sitting there, and something is going to be done with it, people are going to be living there some way or other. We’re not going to transform our cities overnight, we’re going to transform our behavior overnight."


Subjects Covered:


Empowering People to Do the Small, Local, Bottom Up Actions

Do the systems in place now need to come down?

Faith in People

Crisis as an Opportunity

Effects of Peak Oil

Retrofitting the Suburbs for Sustainability

What Will the Transition to Self-Sufficient Suburbs Look Like?

The Biggest Barriers to Retrofitting the Suburbs


Preparing Society

The Transition Movement and the Permablitz

Energy Descent Action Planning

Chaotic Change

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