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The CIA has for decades has blocked researcher FOIA requests to its files about Israel's theft of HEU

February 25, 2015: A federal lawsuit seeks disclosure of thousands of Central Intelligence Agency files revealing why the CIA is convinced that Israel stole enough U.S. government-owned weapons-grade uranium in the 1960’s to manufacture over a dozen atomic weapons.

The 147-page complaint (PDF) filed in DC’s U.S. District Court contains exhibits about how U.S. weapons-grade uranium was illegally diverted from the now-defunct Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation (NUMEC) in Apollo, Pennsylvania into the clandestine Israeli nuclear weapons development program.

The CIA lawsuit exhibits reveal:
1. An FBI eyewitness account of NUMEC executives stuffing irradiators with weapons-grade uranium canisters for rush shipment to Israel.

2. A leaked file of CIA Directorate of Operations Chief Carl Duckett confirming the illegal diversion to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. CIA was not warning the FBI about CIA's intelligence about Israeli stealing some 200 pounds of highly enriched uranium HEU enough to make six atomic bombs, or maybe a little more. There was no FBI investigation of the theft.

3. LBJ and Carter administration attempts to cover-up CIA’s compelling evidence that an illegal diversion occurred.

4. Former Atomic Energy Commissioner Glenn T. Seaborg’s account of the Energy Department traces of the HEU were secretly found and a sample picked up in Israel. (aka traces of uranium that had been enriched at NUMEC such that it contained 97.7 percent U-235 and NUMEC was the only place the made it. It only takes a 93 percent concentration of U-235 HEU to make a bomb. And 97.7 percent is only what is used in US Navy nuclear subs and aircraft carriers.

5. A GAO report on NUMEC with CIA equity the Interagency Security Classification Appeals Panel compelled be publicly released in 2014.

Currently, U.S. taxpayers are expected to pay for a nearly $300 to $500 billion dollars for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers cleanup of the environment surrounding the undercapitalized smuggling front’s former plant sites and waste dump.

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