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Statement to be Made Orally to County Council Tonight (Accompanies my Written Statement)



I’m John Hammell, and I’m forming The Point Roberts/Whatcom County Safety Net to sound an alarm regarding a “perfect” economic storm which threatens all Americans with total economic collapse possibly within the next 12 months.

Ø    Currently the county has a contingency plan in case Mt.Baker blows up, in case of an earthquake, tsunami, or other natural disaster, but there is no plan in place in case of a man made disaster such as the one that is likely to take place in the near future. I urge the county to send a letter to every household in the County alerting people to this threat, and I’m submitting written comments intended to facilitate the writing of such a letter and the creation of a contingency plan.


Ø    I’ve posted these written comments on the Transition Whacom website at  and emailed them to all Council Members.


Ø    I urge all citizens of Whatcom County and the Whatcom County Council to watch “The Day the Dollar Died” by the National Inflation Association at   and to view several other hard hitting films and information in my written comments.


Ø    The U.S. Congressional Budget Office predicted the budget deficit for fiscal year 2011 will be $1.066 trillion, revised up from an estimate of $996 billion in March.


Whatcom County’s Budget Deficit in 2011 is $1,271,117

A Bill Was Introduced in the Virginia State Legislature Calling for the State to Consider the cr...

Ø    China, Japan and other countries are no longer willing to buy Ameri... This is a recipe for disaster that threatens to turn our country into the next Weimar Republic, the next Zimbabe.


Ø    The Feds questionable actions are occurring at the exact same time that many experts are predicting a doubling in the price of oil is likely to occur during the coming year, while Global Food Shortages are causing a huge rise in the price of wheat, corn and soybeans which threaten to seriously impact financial markets.


Ø    One in 7 Americans is on Foodstamps, a 40% rise in the last 2 years.


Ø    The Pentagon and Military Are Actively Wargaming ‘Large Scale Econo...


Ø    The International Monetary Fund is studying ways to replace the dol... per the urging of China and several other countries. The only thing still propping up our collapsing currency is that it is still used globally to purchase oil as the world’s reserve currency.


Ø    We’re fortunate in Whatcom County to have an alternative to the dollar via a Local Exchange Trading System called The Fourth Corner Exchange. I urge the County to strongly consider telling citizens about this because more widespread involvement would help insulate us from the impact of a financial crash.


Ø    We’re fortunate to have Transition Whatcom, a social networking site with a lot of information about permaculture, backyard chickens, alternative health and healing, and the collapsing economy. The county should encourage very widespread participation on this site and should recommend that citizens take steps to prepare for a possibly extended period of extreme hardship. People should stock up on food, and a food bank should be created to help the indigent. People should be encouraged to start gardens early and do lots of canning. People should be encouraged to buy gold and silver as a hedge against inflation.


Ø    I’d like to request specific assistance from the County Council in communicating this message to Sheriff Bill Elfo and to the Department of Homeland Security especially due to Point Roberts unique geographical location and the specific concerns many people on the Point have about this dangerous situation.


Ø    I realize the county has a budget deficit of over a million dollars. I’d like to know what part of the county budget could be tapped for mailing an alert out to all households in the county and how much this would cost. By my estimate it would cost roughly $6,000. assuming 40,000 households (based on census data) and .15 cents per letter. If the county is not able to fund this entire expense, I am willing to help by doing grass roots fundraising via a “moneybomb” of the sort used to raise massive grass  roots donations for Ron Paul. I know Trevor Lyman who engineered Ron Paul’s successful moneybombs.


Ø    My hope is that we can keep the peace and safeguard the public health here in Whatcom by encouraging neighbors to help neighbors. We can prevent martial law if we all begin now to prepare. By creating a contingency plan, and by alerting our citizens to prepare- Whatcom County can serve as a model for counties nationwide to emulate.

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