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Response to Sheriff Elfo's Letter Re How He Would Respond If Dollar Crashes

At 06:01 PM 2/22/2011, you wrote:

Mr. Hammell,
Please see the attached letter.
Best Regards,

Dear Sheriff Elfo:

Thank you for your response to my emails. In your letter you say "If the complexities or size of an event or events become unmanageable at the local level, the system will facilitate the request for regional, state-wide or even national-level assistance." You say that the Sheriff's office's plan for civil unrest "would be handled in accordance with the National Incident Command System" ( )and that your staff is trained in that system.

What about INTERNATIONAL assistance? The reason I ask is that in 2008, the US signed a Treaty with Canada that created US Northern Command. Under the terms of this Treaty, in the event of civil unrest in either country, military troops from the other country are allowed to cross the border. See  also see  You swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. Doesn't this violate Posse Comitatus to allow troops, ANY troops, be they US or foreign, to act as POLICE? Would you actually let this happen?

So....... In the event that a lot of people in Point Roberts don't make any effort to prepare for a financial collapse by laying in food reserves and they loot the International Marketplace, how would you handle things if your two deputies here were overwhelmed, or if you had to recall them to Bellingham because of even worse food riots there?

Would the Governor of Washington contact Canadian troops because they'd be closer to Point Roberts, and if that happened, would the Department of Homeland Security allow them to cross into Point Roberts? (Care to respond Omar Longorio or Tom Schreiber?)

You tell me in your letter that
"As Sheriff, it is beyond my expertise and responsibility to accurately predict a national economic collapse that will lead to public chaos and thus it would be imprudent for me as Sheriff, to start warning the public about any such predictions made by others. Nonetheless, developing plans for sustainability and self reliance in the event normal services and goods are disrupted for a period of time make good sense for everyone. I regularly meet with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) who have broader spheres of responsability and authority than those directly for the Point Roberts port of entry. As our county has five land and one air port of entry, it would be more efficient for me to channel communications through those responsible for the entire county."

Thanks for this. Actually, Point Roberts also has an airport, so thats TWO air ports of entry.

Now let me ask you something off the record man to man.....  (I'm asking this NOT to Sheriff Bill Elfo, but just to Bill Elfo, citizen of Whatcom County.... So take off your Sheriff's hat for a minute, eh?

Did you watch this?
The Day the Dollar Died 

This 7 Min, very hard hitting piece.... depicts what a news broadcast could be like in the not too distant future and underscores the need to prepare.

I would appreciate it if you would please see the oral comments I made before the Whatcom County Council yesterday and also the written comments attached to them. Both have been posted on the Transition Whatcom website at
and (I'll also be posting this there too.)

I realize I'm probably not going to have much luck getting an answer to these questions from you, but I have to ask them and ask them publicly, because I'm trying very hard to urge people to really THINK about this complex situation. I am going to ask as many of your Deputies as I possibly can to read this, especially Slick and Oswalt here in Point Roberts because I want them especially to be aware of all I'm saying.

The Normalcy Bias is a psychological condition that often blocks people from preparing for disasters. If something has never happened, people often assume it will NEVER happen. An example is the idea that the levees could break which was widely circulated prior to Hurricane Katrina and was discussed by experts in civil engineering in professional reports who strongly urged that badly needed repairs be made. They were ignored due to budgetary constraints, and citizens ignored the warnings that they could break because it was simply "unthinkable."

Well, surprise, surprise, they actually DID break, and one hell of a lot of people died because of it.

 Today, in an effort to really warn the people of Whatcom County about what I'm seeing unfold, I travelled all the way to Bellingham and back from Point Roberts to speak before the County Council.

I know at least Tony Larsen and Barbara Brenner on the County Council are hearing me. I talked at length with both of them after the meeting, and intend to talk with them some more. I know the County is broke. I realize theres a budget shortfall of over $1,000,000. because I read the County Budget today. I estimated today that it could cost the County roughly $6,000. to raise the money necessary to send a letter about this out to every house hold in the county. I told the County Council that if they can't find the money to do this, that I would personally attempt to RAISE the money.

I know Trevor Lyman, the genius behind Ron Paul's "money bombs" via which he raised millions of dollars in grass roots donations for his Presidential campaign. We could do a "moneybomb" here to raise the money necessary to alert the people of this county and to develop a contingency plan---- but for this to happen, I need you, and every member of the County Council to properly, and thoroughly examine the information I've put before you. Did you realize that today's dollar is worth only TWO CENTS in 1913 money??

Please take the time to thoroughly study my oral and written comments to the County Council at

I would appreciate some additional response to my further questions, both from you, DHS, and from the County Council who I am ccing this to.

If you were to actually look at the information I have so painstakingly compiled, you would MOST ASSUREDLY NOT consider it "imprudent" to alert the citizens of this county.

For Saving Lives, Keeping the Peace & Preventing Civil Unrest via Education:

John C. Hammell
The Point Roberts/Whatcom County Safety Net
556 Boundary Bay Rd.
Point Roberts WA 98281
800-333-2553 H&W, North America

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