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What will you use for money if the dollar crashes (may predict this) and our money becomes so devalued that we cannot trade in dollars with confidence? Is gold or silver the answer? Will barter become our local rate of exchange? Many say the only way to restore faith in the dollar is to re-establish the gold standard and force our Federal Reserve to account for and only print enough money that we an back up. Since we went off the gold standard (thanks to Nixon) our money became increasingly worth-less. The 'gold' in Fort Knox is a mystery as to whether it even exists or has been sold off in secret.

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Watch The Day the Dollar Died  and ask yourself if you are ready for the coming collapse. What are you doing to prepare? What can you do to alert others? What can all of us do here in Whatcom County to protect ourselves and avert martial law? I am asking many hard questions like this to the Whatcom County Council while urging them to develop a contingency plan, and if the budget won't allow them to, to at least ALERT the people of this county to the need to prepare, for the need for neighbors to get to know neighbors, to get our gardens started early this year, to lay in food storage, to get involved with the Fourth Corner Exchange LETS system and take other steps... I don't want the National Guard on the streets of Bellingham......

Please come to Whatcom County Council Mtg Tuesday Feb 21 7 PM Whatcom County Courthouse.... I have been talking with members of the Council. Some share my strong concern about the pending probably economic collapse and they are personally taking steps to prepare. I am hoping they will do the following:


A) Create a contingency plan...

B) Alert the Citizens of the County

C) I hope Whatcom can serve as a model for the rest of the country to consider emulating prior to TSHTF.


Advantages: We can get more people growing gardens, doing canning, participating in LETS systems. We can get to know our neighbors a lot better, we can be masters of our own destiny, we can avoid martial law by taking steps to awaken people so the don't loot supermarkets. We can organize food banks etc for those less fortunate. We can get more community gardens going.....

Thanks for your contributions to this discussion John.

The slow degradation of our monetary system is akin to how slowly we are extincting species from bad environmental practices...we reach a tipping point when it seems 'sudden' events occur. This is apparent in the 'sudden' changes in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Wisconsin for that matter. Once basic rights and standard of living are so eroded we finally awaken from our dream state and stand up, speak out, get involved. The problem with our current economic dependency on debt is that our systems have so lulled us into thinking that debt is good. I work in this arena and I know many are waking up to this and starting to pay down their debt. Using the bank's money to beat the system, etc. Nothing frightens your bank more than your paying off your loans early. Thinkabbouditt!!!!

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