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NSA has been doing "common" crime law enforcement

NSA misusing its authority to do “one-hop” after getting a FISA warrant, and in so doing NSA has been tipping-off other federal law enforcement about “common crime” (a “common crime” only means any crime other than terrorist and espionage cases, and notwithstanding every American needs to understand that ALL electric means of communication is collected by NSA and every bit of it stored forever and can be retried by NSA analyst when investigating a person as a suspected terrorist or person suspected of spying by a foreign intelligence service.

Clarification: President Obama disregarded William Binney recommendation that NSA not be authorized to do a “one-hop” when a FISA warrant has been issued to do surveillance of a government agency within the US or commercial business within US. In other words, Binney did agreed that NSA needed to be authorized to do a “one-hop” after getting a FISA warrant to spy on a specific US person’s electric communications.

Why not a government agency within the US or commercial business, because odds are, then NSA could spy on thousands of people that communicate with them without getting a FISA warrant. I assume that after collecting probable cause evidence on the person found thru one-hop, NSA has to go back to the FISA court in order to target all the incoming and outgoing communications of mr. or mrs. one-hop.

What does “one-hop” mean. It means if I make a telephone call, send an email, or send a radio communication to a US person and NSA has obtained a FISA warrant to legally do surveillance (spy on) that person, then NSA is authorized to spy on me was well and without getting an additional FISA warrant for me. And this works both ways, that is, if that person calls me, NSA can listen to and/or save that communication for analysis later, request all the telephone company’s records of all my past telephone calls and request of my internet service provider copies of all my past emails (sent or received). Furthermore, given that all telephone calls are recorded and stored by NSA, NSA can go into their storage facility and retrieve and listen to all my cell phone or wire line telephone calls, because every form of electronic communication is intercepted and recorded all over the earth.

NSA has been doing "common" crime law enforcement

You can watch former NSA supervisor William Binney at

He said what has been happening since 9/11, is that law enforcement officers are not tell the judge presiding over a case of a person arrested, is that NSA has been secretly tip-off to law enforcement the names and other data of a suspect or organization that was engaging "common" crime behavior. This allowed the special agents or local and state police to start looking at the person or organization. NSA picked up evidence thru their electronic surveillance in searching for spies and terrorists. Law enforcement agents of the FBI, DEA, IRS, etc. and/or police officers of local or state police departments, therefore, have been lying about being tipped off by officials of the NSA. They have been committing perjury.

Now the term “common crime” is very specific and it only means all the other crimes not related to the legal mission of NSA to prevent mass causalities from a terrorist attack and/or prevent spying on the United States by a foreign intelligence services.

Failure to disclose to the court how the police first became suspicious and caused them to start an investigation is required.

My analysis:
The NSA built one big “center” after another as part of a monumental spying project dubbed “Stellar Wind.” The largest of these facilities, the “Utah Data Center,” is still under construction in Bluffdale Utah. When completed, the center will be able to store a quadrillion, quadrillion gigabytes of data scooped up by NSA signals intelligence (aka communication data from people all over the world including the US of A, including the DNC emails.

In March 2011 to the Senate Judiciary Committee by then-FBI Director Robert S. Mueller, he said that his FBI had access to secret databases in an effort to 'track down known and suspected terrorists. What Mueller is talking about is the FBI having direct access into the NSA database by the FBI and the CIA.

So it looks to me Jim Comey did not prosecute Hillary Clinton because doing so would likely have disclosed that the FBI has or had access Stellar Wind data storage center.

What this means is Comey knew the FBI had been illegally misusing the NSA sources and methods and he was part of an illegal policy where the FBI lied to the court about the probable cause evidence that led to a suspect's arrest. Therefore, hundreds, if not thousands of Federal special agent and/or local and state police officers who were tipped-off, are guilty of perjury.

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