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Finally online is the new Groups Menu I've been working on for a while.

The Menu offers several ways to sort and search Groups, and has all of the groups (I hope) listed and categorized.  Please let me know what you think.  I hope this will help folks better navigate the sometimes confusing array of Groups.

Some folks have suggested combining some of the similar Groups, feeling there is a lot of duplication and clutter.  As this site was first developing, we thought about setting up all the Group categories from the get-go, and controlling the development of groups in order to avoid duplication, etc.  Instead we decided to let the Groups develop and self-organize in an organic way, with the realization that at some point we might want to pause and pear back.  If you're a group creator/administrator, you might want to  start thinking about whether your group could be combined with another group.

Again, feedback is welcome. Let me know if you see any groups that you think should be categorized differently than they currently are, or if I have somehow missed getting a group into the menu.

The original way of browsing the Groups is still available as a sub-tab of the Groups Menu, under "Groups".

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Thanks for doing this organizing work David....(and I'll take a closer look another time or catch me on the phone.)

Re your comment on combining groups: I've found that most of the folks who suggest renaming or recombing groups are either new to the TW site, or just don't find the site as easy to navigate as some of us do.
I don't think renaming or recombining groups is going to make the site any easier to navigate.

I'm for not fixing things that are not broken.....I don't expect any one person to understand the differences or similarities between the different groups.

I did notice one of the new groups started had a similiar name as an older group. I was surprised as the creator was also an admin on the older group and could have just changed the title or focus of the current group.

My sense is eventually, this site will be more for local networking, and not an official Transition Whatcom site. This is what I see is also happening in the global Transition community.

Sometimes word of mouth and inviting new members to join a group that has shared interests is an effective way to get folks involved.
Glad you left a way for us still access the older way of finding the groups too.
Hope this helps, Respectfully, Heather K

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