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This NY Times article rather gobs many businesses and business models together in a jumbled mess, but there is great radish pornography from Alm Hill Gardens and Growing Washington gets a mention, at least I think it's them and the NYT misspelled the name.

Small Farmers Creating a New Business Model as Agriculture Goes Local

There is one interesting thought in the article, and that's the idea of price convergence between local produce and California. It just gets tossed out as a given. Could happen. Water has been getting scarcer and more expensive in California, the supply of cheap labor has dried up due to border control, and transport is more expensive. Right now the prices are still far apart even with all that. 

The comparison is not equal. The quality of local produce is much higher. It's definitely worth  the effort of buying local, gardening, trading, gleaning and buying a CSA share. Even the organic stuff from California doesn't taste like much after it's spent three days in transit.

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Also in the news...I was reading Albert Bates' article on Rio+20 on Energy Bulletin, which turned into a sort of travelogue.  Eventually I came upon a photo where I saw Doug Bullock and TW's Paul Kearsley:

"we joined the company of a skilled permaculture team from Terra Phoenix Design, Dave Boehnlien, Doug Bullock and Paul Kearsley, who had been on the ground for many months and had produced a preliminary master plan for a model in Amazonian permacultural sustainability. The plan encompassed the various elements of the owners’ vision — the Temple, a healing center employing traditional Shipibo medicines and rituals, including ayahuasca."

wow- Doug, David & Paul in the amazon!  'Temple of Way of Light' & Tres Unidos community they are working with-    There is a work exchange programs! 

  It would be a dream come true to visit this part of the world and learn from the plant medicines.

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