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On March 17th, the Executive Director of Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, Ma’ikwe Ludwig will be in Bellingham to give a presentation: 

March 17    Bellingham, WA    Explorations Academy, 7pm, $5-15 sliding scale. Presentation “Sustainable is Possible: creating low carbon, high quality lives… together.”  See event announcement here and More information here

For background, check out this article just published at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage: Living Abundantly on 10%.

"In 1996, attracted to the low cost of land and the lenient zoning restrictions, a group of young Stanford graduates raised money from friends and family and headed to northeastern Missouri to set up what is now known as Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, a successful intentional community and 270-acre community land trust. Their idea was to “move beyond protesting ecological destruction towards finding a positive alternative for ecological living.” Sound familiar?

Almost 20 years later, Dancing Rabbit (DR) is a fully functioning ecovillage with around 60 full-time members who live happily on just 10% of the resources the average American consumes..."

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See her Ted Talk:

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