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I have some goats I need to rehome.  This has been a very difficult decision, but a family member's health requires that I move to town and simplify. 

Goat milk is wonderful stuff and does not taste goaty if the goats are cared for properly and the milk is handled safely.  It is more easily digested than cow's milk, and is wonderful for drinking, making cheese, making yogurt, and making soap.  I can help teach some of these skills.

My girls are wonderful.  They are full-sized dairy does.  The older two (one breedable, the other not) need to stay together.  The youngest doe could go separately.  There is a lot of fencing that could be available to to the right home.  I would be willing to be a long-term, hands-on reference, teacher, and consult for folks who might give them the honored, caring, attentive home they deserve.

Please contact me at if goats are in your plan and this might be a good fit.



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