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Our apologies - last week's email contained embedded web links which didn't work. An attempted fix the next day resulted in a blank email. Here's one last attempt at a corrected version of the portion of the email that contained links...we hope they come through correctly this time.

...The Transition Whatcom initiating Group (TWIG) came together as volunteers to begin a Transition Initiative here in Whatcom County. We began with some common values, such as consensus decision making and using non-heirarchical structures as much as possible. The core of the organization is not the TWIG, but the Vision and Mission of Transition Whatcom. The goal of the TWIG is to serve the Vision and Mission, to employ the 7 Principles of Transition as we do so, and to use the 12 Steps of Transition as an initial pathway.

...For more info about the structure of TW, most questions can be answered by reviewing the 'About Us' pages on our website, reading the Transition Whatcom Guidelines paper, The Purpose, Principles, and Guidelines of Transition Initiatives, the Transition Handbook, and the Who We Are and What We Do document from the Transition Network.

The above discussion about the basic structure of Transition Whatcom is a small excerpt of a larger discussion that occurred on our website under a blog post by Heather K. Check out the conversation (replies under the original post) if you have time - you may find an aliveness in the interactions between Morgan, Heather, Angela, and David that you won't get by simply reading through the pages linked above.

More News: Whatcom County Training for Transition in January

Cindi Landreth, a TWIG, but also a Transition Trainer, is putting out a proposal for a local weekend long Training for Transition (Jan. 30-31) to see what kind of interest there is. This takes a while to plan so please let her know by RSVPing your interest on the event page here. If you would like to know more or would like to be the host of this event, please give me her a call (319-9092). She will get you the information on what that means and how to do it. We will first advertise only to our website and then to the whole U.S and Canada. We will cap the attendance at 23 people.

The course includes the fundamentals for those wishing to know how to set up, run, and maintain a successful Transition Initiative. Check the event page for more details.

Website Maintenance:

Sometime tomorrow evening (Dec. 28), between 6 - 10pm, our website will be offline approx. 30 minutes for maintenance. Thanks for your patience!

Upcoming Event:

Bellingham Institute of Noetic Sciences presents

TRANSITION WHATCOM: Transitioning To The Future:

Envisioning and Creating Our Ideal Resilient Community

with Chris Wolf and Tom Anderson of Transition Whatcom

Thursday, January 21st, 7:00 – 9:00 PM

NEW LOCATION: RE Sources’ Sustainable Living Center

2309 Meridian Street, Bellingham (above the RE Store)

Doors open 6:30 PM

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Looks like the email went through OK, except one link in the email still doesn't work (the link to the very important paper "The Purpose, Principles and Guidelines of Transition"). This is something happening with the Ning software, not through a keystroke error. I think all of the links in the above post work, though I haven't clicked on each and every one.

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