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Biodynamic CSA shares Now Available from Inspiration Farm 2015

We are working the Soil for you here at Inspiration Farm in order to offer you fresh nutrient dense produce all season.

Biodynamic CSA shares are Now Available. Inspiration Farm is partnering with the young, farmers from Patterned Ground Farm to offer a fruit and vegetable CSA in 2013. The season will run for 20 weeks from June-Oct. This CSA will be grown on the soil and soul of Inspiration Farm, with heart, biodynamic and beyond organic practices. The cost is $500 for a share, and is limited to just 12 members. Pickup will be at the farm, or an agreed-upon common space in town. If you’re interested in the produce but not a CSA share, ask about our Buying Club. Where Members will get access to a website with a fresh produce sheet and can place special orders for pickup at the farm or delivery can be arranged. More details at Please contact us with any questions! 398-7061

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Both a CSA & Buying Club on fertile Inspiration Farm sounds great Brian!   See  for my recent blog on "Soil Test & Soil Nourishment Resources" - I've added your forum as link there.

I'm due to get my soles & hands in your biodynamic dirt again!  I've got my p__ buckets in the car.

Are hives survived the winter with reduced numbers! We are trying to get caught up with our newest bee hive in cold wet weather, and witnessing the rewilding of our own place as it receives less vital young 'human nourishment',  and volunteering at others gardens, especially Tuesdays Roving Garden Party's, where a meal is provided!

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