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Farm Resilience Project: The Award-winning movie, website, and media launch

From Gigi Berardi, of Huxley College's Resilience Institute

Farm Resilience Project: The Award-winning movie, website, and media launch -- please send this to any and all you know...who are interested in food!!!!


Hello….. Finally, here is the rest of the farm resilience project (below is an example of the press release we’ll be sending out)…. Hand Crank films helped out and so did some of the growers who agreed to be in the award-winning film (and website) we made. Please note that the website allows for your comments – we’re hoping for many of them!

Agree or not! Here’s the link to the 30-sec version, which will be aired on some media stations in the Seattle area in February and March – [this will download first, then click to open]

…we’re trying to get people interested in food and farming, and this plus the two-minute version – [this will download first, then click to open] should do it. It is this two-minute film which won a prestigious ADDY award this week. contains the grower interviews, the controversial film, and other ideas.

There’s also a facebook page:!/pages/FarmResilienceorg/157965904320522

Hope this sparks a grand discussion.


Gigi Berardi

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Here is the Press Release...


Huxley College of the Environment partners with Farmers to highlight importance of Farm Resilience


New Film and Site Promotes ‘Support a Farmer’ Initiative




Bellingham, WA (February 14, 2012) – The Resilience Institute, at Huxley College of the Environment, is embarking on a campaign to communicate the vital importance of rural agricultural communities in our nation’s economy. The program helps answer how farmers survive, and even thrive, in our constantly changing political, economic and physical environments.


A newly launched website explains the campaign and offers a place where farmers and community members can discuss farm resilience:


The website is anchored by a provocative short film underscoring what can happen if communities don’t pay attention to the future of farming. Hand Crank Films produced the film under the direction of the Resilience Institute. The short film and a series of interviews with local farmers are intended to spark conversation about farm issues and a search for hopeful solutions. The ultimate goal? To decrease farm vulnerability, increase farm resilience, and find strategies that keep farming viable for all.


View the moving film and website here:


For more information, contact:


Gigi Berardi

Huxley College of the Environment

Western Washington University

516 High Street MS 9085

Bellingham WA 98225


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