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Netherland School Bans Parents from Dropping Kids Off By Car

A school in the Netherlands recently banned vehicles from stopping at its curb which in turn discouraged parents to drop their children off by car. The Netherlands already has the highest rate of bicycle commuters so this probably wasn't a huge shift in the structure of the community, but still very neat to see.
Check out the delightful video! It will make you want to get out and ride to fanciful music!

One thing I did one is wearing a helmet!

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Comment by Rob Olason on November 28, 2009 at 7:19pm
Thanks for finding this website! As a bike commuter, I was blown away by some of the links on the videomaker's blog. Imagine separate bike paths and not our five foot wide strip that doubles as "found parking" for every delivery truck in Bellingham...imagine not having to stop for red lights because the path "senses" the presence of a bike and actually gives the automobiles a red light! This is in an area where school commuting is 90 % by pedal bike. But it takes infrastructure to encourage biking and Bellingham is light years behind Assen, the town the videomaker documented. But it certainly shows that our transportation world can be re-designed to make the automobile a secondary option!!!

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