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To Whomever Is Interested,

For the past couple years we’ve had an unconventional dream (to create a small, sustainable homestead with a humble cob dwelling) that we’ve gone about trying to fulfill in a conventional way (searching real estate ads and agents, dealing with financial institutions, etc.), perhaps that is why we have come up short thus far. There are many more details to our dream, but that is the concise version, I don’t want to overwhelm you with the details of my daydreams of grey water recycling, living roofs and the bounty of food coming from the land.

This is a request to you, who may have a spare bit of Whatcom County land they are willing to pass on to a couple who promises to nurture it and heed it’s teachings. Ideally we would love ½ to 5+ acres of land to create our self-sufficient homestead. We would relish getting to know a piece of land, to really garner a connection to our home environment as only years and years at one spot can allow; to experience its distinct microclimate, to note its wildflowers, to learn its stories. If you have any space you might be interested in offering please contact us. We’re willing to work with the natural landscape or clear invasives….we’re not expecting a cleared piece of flat land.

We have money for a down payment, can pay monthly payments toward a principle including interest, would love to barter and are also willing to purpose indentured servitude (indentured servants of the past actually had more leisure time than the “modern” worker even with all our handy “time-saving” devices)! We have professional experience in teaching, bicycle maintenance, organic orchard work, landscaping, reception work, sustainability advocacy and garden design, maintenance and education. Our volunteer experience and that we acquired through pursuing our passions includes permaculture design, organic farming, social justice work, cooking, photography and much more. We’re also in great shape with a love for manual labor. We have good credit, excellent employment and rental referrals and a willingness work toward a brighter, more sustainable future.

We would love to communicate with you if you’re interested in pursuing this possibility or if you know of someone who might be intrigued by this proposal.

Deanna and Patrick
lovetherocks AT gmail DOT com

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Comment by Deanna Lloyd on November 8, 2009 at 10:30am
Thanks Travis for keeping me in mind! Heather (Heartsong) actually contacted me herself regarding this post. It sound like a delightful place, but we're still looking for a place to "own." We don't really believe in the word, but with our current system of society, "owning" a piece of land for be the best way for us to pursue our dreams. Again, thank you for keeping me in mind, it is much appreciated! Cheers!
Comment by Travis Linds on November 8, 2009 at 12:56am
Saw this on fourth corner exchange and thought you may be interested:

Country Land Space Available for Trailer or Yurt—Park or Store your Trailer, Yurt, or Tipi, in exchange for a combination of lifedollars/USD’s at ‘Cedar Haven’ . a quiet forest glen setting occasionally shared with caretakers & other guests and bordering on larger public forest lands. . . . The acre is good for a one-person retreat or storage. .. Let us know your Situation and Needs through an email & follow up with phone call. . ..Being experienced with light living on the earth is a plus.. . .We’re especially interested in an individual who enjoys living close to the earth and who has interest in Gardening & Permaculture. . . Are you a respectful, independent person who is ecologically & financially responsible?......Will also consider a young professional working towards an earth-friendly livelihood or education .. . Location 4 mls NE city limits of B’ham in Lake Whatcom watershed, in the Y Road. area. . . . .(Rental of port-of-pot is a possibility as is hook up to the local electric company & seasonal well water) .. .The land especially would benefit by someone willing to continue ecological restoration of the meadow and forest groves.. .. . . (Heartsong)

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