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March 2011 Blog Posts (17)

EDAP Planning Group, March 28, 2011 Meeting Minutes

Energy Descent Action Plan Team

Planning Group Meeting, Monday March 28, 2011

Synopsis Minutes

Attending:  Lia (Facilitator), Travis, Monica, Tris, Frances, Linda, Jen, Irene (Minutes)

Lia: wants to answer the questions: 1) Who is our audience, 2) What form should our EDAPT take?

Tris: We need definitions of elements for this document so the task is not so daunting

Linda: See this as a series…


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How to build your own bicycle power battery generator

Here are instructions, necessary supplies and tools on how to build a stationary bicycle battery charging station.

There are several YouTube links on step by step directions.…


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TWOG Blog 3-28 AH Spring

I felt it I felt it!! Spring is here. Now I really know that I am behind on home projects. So little time and so many outside things to get done. One of my plum trees is blooming and I have even seen some bees out so there is hope for plums. There is a part of me from childhood that loved getting started on plowing fields in the spring and the process of planting crops. I still enjoy getting close to the dirt in the spring to plant a few things in my garden. It also gives me some sense of… Continue

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Local Issues

There are lots of local issues right now that converge with Transition concerns.  The biggest issue in my mind is the condition of the drinking water we get from Lake Whatcom.  Accessible clean water is the number 1 necessity for us to have any resilience at all.


Other current issues include the proposed coal export terminal at Cherry Point, a proposal for banning plastic bags in the city of Bellingham, and the proposed development of Governor's Point.  All of the recommended…


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350 Home and Garden Challenge Overview Presentation


Here is the presentation I'm giving today at the Assembly meeting.



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EDAP Planning Group, March 14, 2011 Meeting Minutes

Energy Descent Action Plan Team

Planning Group Meeting, Monday March 14, 2011

Synopsis Minutes

Attending:  Adam (Facilitator), Tom, Travis, Cipriano (Cip), Jen, Monica, Tris, Frances, Lia, Linda, Irene

These meeting minutes have two parts. First, a synopsis of (1) the desires for the next meeting and (2) what members of the group have learned about creating social change are listed. Second, more linear…


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John Hammel blog post about POint Roberts



Subject Line: Local & Outside Resources to Assist Point Roberts in Preparing for the Onrushing Economic Collapse

Thanks for this primer on Earthquake preparedness thatPREP just sent out via Point Interface.

In Addition to…


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Transition Consciousness

A few months back a discussion was debated in the larger Transition Movement on applying the term “sacred” to the ongoing attempt. I smiled and thought of Gregory Bateson ( or should I say Alfred Korzybski ) statement: The name is not the thing named. After allowing my soul to digest the dire predictions from Bill Mckibben’s eaarth I began to wonder if time would afford us the…


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RV 5th Wheel 33-foot for sale or rent

In case someone has access to land/hookups and needs a low-cost place to live, contact my friend Anna, who will send pix of her RV. She needs to move it from Portland by April 5.  
The RV is a:
- 1999 Monaco Mckenzie 5th wheel 33 foot trailer
- 3 pull outs - one in the bedroom, one in the kitchen and one in the living room making it very open and wide
- it has a full shower, a separate room with the toilet, and a vanity…

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Community Club Meetings & Grange Hall Listings- Garden or Permaculture Related

Listing of Local Monthly Club Meetings & Grange Halls:


(Let me know if I've missed something you'd like me to add in)


Washington Native Plant Society – Koma…


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Planning for Failure?

I recommend all of the below linked articles.  I highly recommend the first one one by Sharon Astyk (also an "Editor's Choice" at Energy Bulletin. Last week I was having dinner with Phil Damon. Remember his Dancing On the Edge columns that were run first in Cascadia Weekly, and then Organic Press?  Phil told me of a column he had intended to write, which he would call Murphy's Law Meets The Peter Principle.  Most of us know about Murphy's Law: that anything thing…


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Breaking through the Borders of the Mind

Even before the devastating earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis in Japan and the eruption of war in Libya, staying out of anxiety and despair when thinking about the future was a personal challenge.  In this moment my life is full and good, but what if oil prices triple before the end of the year, what if our financial system collapses, what the nuclear crisis is worse than we’re being told?  What will happen to everyone and everything I love on this planet?  What will happen to the…


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EDAP Planning Group, March 1, 2011 Meeting Minutes

Energy Descent Action Plan Team

Planning Group Meeting, Monday March 1, 2011

Synopsis Minutes


Attending:  Travis Linds, Gretchen Woody, Linda Fels, Cipriano Mauricio (Cip), Tris Shirley, Lia Ayley, Frances Ayley, Irene Hinkle, Adam Ward


Discussion on reaction to article on process in creating an EDAP (…


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What in the World is Going On? And what can I do about it?

At times it is difficult to 'think local' when so much is going on globally. Earthquakes and revolutions seem, to me, to be so much more important than what is going on with my garden, what I need to do to fix my bike, the floor I need to de-tar and sand, and all the other stuff that is my 'local' environment.


I guess all I can do is hope/pray that the people with earthquakes and revolutions in their 'local' environments have been able to do some amount of resilience and…


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Panel Discussion on Transition at Skagit Human Rights Festival

I had the priviledge last night to sit on a Transition panel at the Skagit County Human Rights Festival, which Chuckanut Transition did a great job of organizing.  There was an excellent slide show/movie they made (and included our Great Unleashing video), then a scenario for attendees to discuss, and then Q&A with the…


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Fruit Research Foundation & Protecting Pollinators

Western Washington Fruit Research Foundation ( WWFRF ) holds th…


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Celt's Garden - Hamster Does Taxes

There are three Volunteer Income Tax Assistance sites in Bellingham this year that I know about. AARP is running one at the Central Library. There is a site at Western buried in Parks Hall, run by the Business School. Gotta love em for doing it, even with Western's Parking Zombie Patrol. Don't bother parking on campus, take the bus. They don't have enough business at the WWU site, while the Central Library has a line out the door. The third site is Monday and Tuesday evenings and Friday…


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