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OK, TW now has 148 members, which is wonderful, and I hope to see it grow, 1480, plus more 00's as time passes....and yes, I know it is summer and everyone is either busy having fun or working in their garden, or both, me included. Yet I and a handful of others were at the June 18 meeting for TW, and I was quite disappointed to see that the number of people attending the second Party Up to Power Down meeting had diminished. So, I must say that time is of the essence....we don't really have any time to squander. We need to get deeply involved, come up with plans of action and take action, NOW. And, to do that, one must be present and actively participate. I heard someone say, while at the meeting, that more people will come in the winter...yes, that is likely true. However, climate change, economic collapse, and peak oil do not wait for winter...they continue on daily. So, I am asking, please attend the meetings, please bring ideas and plans for activities that can bring about a more cohesive and workable future for this community. We need you, all of you - those with little ideas and those with big ideas, those with a lot to give and those with just a tiny bit to give - if any of us is to truly survive in the future.

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I also attended the June 18th Party up for power down. I appreciated the use of the space at ReSources and that we have access to such a space. I also thank the people who put in the time and energy to facilitate the event, the twiggers (Transition Whatcom Initiating Group). They do it in their spare time and from deep care.

My favorite part was hearing from two TW members who have taken the initiative to start projects. Chris Wolf and Ryan who started a roving garden event in their neighborhood. The best part was how it facilitated connections with neighbors in a fun and practical way. And Joseph's project to do a move all on bicycles with trailors. Very inspiring. Also sounded like fun with others. Practical community building post carbon endeavors.

We broke into small groups and with a topic to discuss: what we envision our area to be like in 20 to 30 years. In the group I was in I proposed that we us a process called "Qusestion driven seque" (Thanks Robert Bystrom of Collective Intelligence). We went around the circle one at a time answering this question: "would you name one positive thing that you can envision for us in 20 years?" Then the person would name one thing (or pass). that same person would then be asked the next question: "What would that do for you personally?", They'd answer.....and finally they were asked:"What would that do for our community?" Answers...... then on to the next person and so forth all the way around the circle . During the question/answering there was no cross talk or discussion. everyone else would just listen. We went around our circle of 6 or7 people about 3 or 4 times. Keeping to the format kept us focused on the topic drawing forth everyone's creative inspiration. Everyone got a chance to contribute, instead a just a few people speaking. We generated a wonderful list of possibilities for a sustainable future. Actually imagining it already happening. I liked the flow of the circle format and the way it sidestepped the common tendancy or groups to debate, argue or get overly intellectual. I think we need to learn group processing tools like this that are more egalitarian, fun and facilitate the connection between heart and head.

I'd like to attend a meeting, but the Planning Commission has most of my Thursdays filled. Maybe a different day would help some folks?
I was REALLY happy to see the younger members coming back...what happened to the older liberal crowd?
well, a few of us were there, but I too am wondering??????????? it is so easy to fall into old habits, and I think the younger members could very easily learn a great deal from us oldsters - we after all have lived longer and hopefully have gained a bit of wisdom along the way, and in some cases we may have lived when life was simpler, so we could so easily share what that entails.

Kate Clark said:
I was REALLY happy to see the younger members coming back...what happened to the older liberal crowd?

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