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Anthony Baxter on Donald Trump’s Callous Capitalism

Bill talks with independent filmmaker Anthony Baxter, director of You’ve Been Trumped!, a new documentary about the perils of rampant capitalism and gluttonous conspicuous consumption, epitomized by Donald Trump’s aggressive efforts to build “the greatest golf course in the world” across ancient sand dunes in Scotland. A veteran journalist, Baxter says what Trump and the Scottish government are hailing as an economic boon is actually a disaster to the environment and a callous disruption of people’s lives by a ruthless one-percenter run amok.

“It seems to me there's one rule for the super-rich and one rule for everybody else,” Baxter says. “And the 99 percent of people in the world are tired and fed up of having money and power riding roughshod over their lives and our planet… Our planet, I don't think, can afford these kinds of decisions.”

Watch the official film trailer for You’ve Been Trumped!

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Comment by David MacLeod on August 5, 2012 at 11:09pm

Hey, now you're talking about my 2nd uncle! :-)

Actually, I was just emailing my family about the NY Times movie review:
The Billionaire Vs. The Little Guy

And if you want to see a photo of the house in Scotland that my grandfather grew up in (and the Donald's mother- my grandfather's sister), check this out.

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