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What in the World is Going On? And what can I do about it?

At times it is difficult to 'think local' when so much is going on globally. Earthquakes and revolutions seem, to me, to be so much more important than what is going on with my garden, what I need to do to fix my bike, the floor I need to de-tar and sand, and all the other stuff that is my 'local' environment.


I guess all I can do is hope/pray that the people with earthquakes and revolutions in their 'local' environments have been able to do some amount of resilience and self-reliance building in their communities prior to these terrible events. If they had the chance, I'm sure they would go back and do even more of this work in their home, neighborhood and community. While we pause to hope/pray that these communities will come out of these challenges OK, let's also rethink how important the local activities are that we do. We hope that these challenges will never strike so close, but if they do, we can at least be more prepared in 6 months than we are now. It is well worth the investment...


Warren Miller

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