Transition Whatcom launches campaign to change the world through creative collaboration and conscious intent

Singer songwriter Shawn Galloway was in Bellingham, Washington this past week to celebrate the launch of Joy Glfilen’s start-up company UnitingCreatives. He sang a concert of 15 songs in front of a small and
enthusiastic crowd of supporters at The Conway Muse, an old barn turned
eclectic performing and visual arts center/ meeting place in La Conner.
Local film company Anchor Light Productions filmed the show that will be
featured on Gilfilen’s website.

Galloway is well known for his inspired song “I Choose Love” from his album of
the same name. The song is both artistic expression and tool Galloway
uses to rally his audiences to the message that we can use personal
intent to move from a state of fear to a state of collective love. He
believes that changing your thinking to focus on positive emotions like
love and joy brings love and joy into your life and the world. You can
download a free MP3 file of I Choose Love from Galloway's website.

Galloway sang 14 other songs in an order that told his story of
personal spiritual awakening. Between songs he told the crowd how “going
deep” into himself through spiritual practice freed his artistic
potential and helped him discover his purpose in life as a man and an
artist. He bravely exposed his inner life and journey to view and earned
the hearts of the audience in return. He sang The Calling, When I Let
Go, Choice Point, The Wind is Always and ended his set with the title
song from his soon to be released album Living Love Tonight. If The Wind
is Always is on the album, I’ll buy it. It’s a simple and poetic folk
song that I definitely want to hear again.

The audience was invited to sing along often and the overall experience was an unusual
cross between a folk music concert, monastic chanting, a ceremonial rite
of passage and edutainment for change agents; I smiled through most of
the event.

Glfilen’s is an idea coming to fruition after a long gestation period during which she has been
solidifying her systems approach and philosophy about how personal and
social change happens. Gilfilen has been writing and produced a DVD
called Flipping the Joy Switch
in which she introduces her audience to simple tools for building
emotional intelligence, a type of intelligence that enables people to
manage instead of be managed by emotions. She is an advocate for using
joyful intent as a means for protecting and preserving the earth for
future generations; she and Galloway and a large and growing number of
change agents around the world share this quantum physics inspired
approach to social change. A self-proclaimed hippy who was there at the
beginning of the New Age movement Gilfilen has been working steadily to
teach the world how to achieve peace and joy; with her new company she
intends to take her message to another level by empowering others to
find and support each other and do more together than they can do alone.

The UnitiedCreatives website is being designed and built by local artist and entrepreneur Tensing Kernan and company at TKWeb. The on-line service targets “people creating communities, projects and
events that change the world.” The purpose of the site is to support a
social change community of artist/entrepreneurs by providing an on-iine
forum for sharing projects and events and finding collaborators and
supporters. The site will feature an e-commerce engine to facilitate
sale of products and services to generate life preserving revenue so
that artists and other creative types can do their humanitarian work and
take care of their families too.

You can sign up for free to experiment with the “alpha” site at The web team is hard at work getting design revisions and user
experiences fixes in place and the refreshed site will go live soon. I
look forward to using the site myself and can’t wait to see the finished
design. Watch for more to come from the collaborations that will be
empowered by as creatives unite.

Joy Gilfilen
Shawn Galloway
Uniting Creatives
Anchor Light Video

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