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I felt it I felt it!! Spring is here. Now I really know that I am behind on home projects. So little time and so many outside things to get done. One of my plum trees is blooming and I have even seen some bees out so there is hope for plums. There is a part of me from childhood that loved getting started on plowing fields in the spring and the process of planting crops. I still enjoy getting close to the dirt in the spring to plant a few things in my garden. It also gives me some sense of security as I notice all the things going sideways in the human population world wide at the moment. Change is in the air and right now in the northwest that change is to spring. Of course we do not yet know what sort of spring it will be. My taste buds hope for a nice hot one so that local strawberries are in their prime. But then I will be complaining of the heat in June and July. You just can't win sometimes. No matter how you cut it things are starting to grow and grow they will. Enjoy this time of expectant energy and aliveness.  Tom A

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Comment by David MacLeod on March 30, 2011 at 12:24pm

"No matter how you cut it things are starting to grow and grow they will."


I noticed that too, even when I keep cutting it!

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