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Salmon Peoples & Salish Sea Watershed - Open Space & Stewardship Campaign

I am interested in working to bring Peter Donaldson's Citizens Stewardship Campaign & his community building performance called 'Salmonpeoples', to our area during the coming year.
Our local Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association may also be interested in this.

This event could be supported by multiple groups & part of our evolving earth-people-in-transition work.

Info on the three-year partnership stewardship campaign is at

Info on his Salmonpeoples performance at :

Information on using the Open Space as a self-organizing group process of getting to group action that "acakesn & empowers the iherent creativity & leadership in all people" is at

I would be honored to be part of any planning teams that are inspired to explore these events & initiate this community building. Please let me know if anyone else has an interest or your thinking on how both his work and the transition work are compatible.

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Comment by Heather K on October 7, 2009 at 9:21pm
Terese V. - , Great to hear you are also interested in bringing Peter Donaldson's community work to our area! I'm excited to hear you know of Peter's work and would consider exploring the idea with the Sierra Club as one of their board members.
I could imagine both Sierra Club & NSEA being sponsors, and then also looking for other sponsors.
What a great timing that today I also just received a follow up email from Racheal Vasak of Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association (NSEA), that she is also thinking about the 'new spark of energy for Salmon Peoples”. I hope to attend some of the NSEA upcoming planting Saturdays this October and would also enjoy some Sierra Club hikes.

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