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An Empowering 3 Day Sustainabiltiy Event

What if I were to tell you that there was an empowering 3 Day sustainability event that would change your relationships with both the planet and the people around you?

That it would include a formidable number of presenters, with a wide diversity of workshops to choose from – everything from organic agriculture and wildcrafting to natural building and appropriate technologies; from environmental remediation and disaster preparedness to community dynamics and global justice.  And all with the over-arching theme of “Permeating the Mainstream”?

And what if I were to tell you the price for this 3 Day Sustainability Event was only $75, including meals?  Accommodations are extra: $15 for camping, or $30 for dorms.

What I’m trying to lead you toward, dear reader, is to consider attending the 12th Annual Northwest Permaculture Convergence.  It all happens very soon, Oct. 5 – 7, 2012.

This year’s event is being held at Fort Flagler State Park, a 784-acre marine camping park surrounded on three sides by 19,100 feet of saltwater shoreline on Marrowstone Island in Washington state, near Port Townsend. The park rests on a high bluff overlooking Puget Sound, with views of the Olympic and Cascade Mountains. Many historic buildings remain at this 19th-century-established military fort.

For those might not think of themselves as the “permaculture type,” please consider the wide range of presentations being offered here.  I often get the impression that many people think of permaculture (if they think of it at all) as a set of fringe organic gardening techniques.  It might instead be helpful to recognize permaculture as merely sharing the common goal of  “design[ing] sustainable habitats in accordance with nature for all humans, plants, and animals.” (Borrowed from the Convergence website.)

Some of the “social permaculture” offerings this year that I’m excited about:

Paul Cereghino
Together, Not Apart: Navigating Complex Human Systems Using Ecolog...

Social Permaculture: Ways to tap heart and spirit to deepen bonds
Bill Aal and Bob Spivey

Peak Choice: Cooperation or Collapse
Mark Robinowitz
(an Integral Permaculture commenter, and featured on our blogroll)

Film: “Back to Eden” Community Gardening (Pt I/II)
Paul Gautschi

Edible Neighborhood Workshop
Michael Seliga

Beyond Transition Town: Creating Resilient Communities
Sharon Ferguson

Building the Story of Cascadia: New Tools for the Transition
Willi Paul

PLAN B 2012: Are you Ready?
Mike Maki

Permaculture: Expanding the Scale (Part One)
From Home Into the Neighborhood
Jan Spencer
(Jan is a good friend, and tireless advocate of working on the neighborhood scale)

Transition Economics: Accelerating Succession to Climax Economies
Chuck Estin

Entering the Labyrinth: How to Engage and Influence Urban Planning and Development
Saturday Keynote Sharon Ferguson

And many more…I didn’t mention any of the more practical, hands-on workshops, or ANY of the events happening Sunday.

Check out the website, check out the Schedule and bios of the Presenters, and consider attending.  If nothing else, you’re guaranteed to have some fun and meet some great people.

Reposted from my Integral Permaculture blog.

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