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Open Source Everything

The man who trained more than 66 countries in open source methods calls for re-invention of intelligence to re-engineer Earth

Nafeez Ahmed

Thursday 19 June 2014…


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The Global Butterfly Effect

"We are Life, in human form. Ancestors of the stars and galaxies, children of the oceans and forests. We are creative expressions of Nature, as much a part of this planet as the rivers, trees, mountains and butterflies."

~ The Global Butterfly Effect ~

For thousands of years people in Western cultures have been wrestling with the illusions we've spun from our dualistic mindsets and beliefs. It's…

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City Limits


If truth be told, the legacy of myopic insight and action is the residue beholden to the individual and the collective. Unrecognized, any evolutionary aspects become hamstrung into conforming to recognizable patterns, albeit unconscious, this tendency darkens the way.

Many folks are familiar with the development of electricity in America and the squaring off between Thomas Edison and Nicholas Tesla. As Edison purported D.C. current and Tesla backed the A.C. ,…


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Letters from Gregory Bateson to Philip Wylie and Warren McCulloch

The following article was originally published in the CoEvolutionary Quarterly, Winter 1982, pp. 62-67. With very many thanks to Stewart Brand for his permission to reproduce it in this web page.

This is a small sampling of…


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Power struggle

On the first night of Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program Certification offered by the IBEW 191, the topic of the price of power came up. FERC mandates states sell citizens the lowest priced electricity available which in Washington is hydro produced. Thus, energy produced by the windmills in the eastern part of the state is not being fully utilized. Just another unintended consequence on the path to greener power.

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To the point

I’d rather be talking about bio-char or terra prieta if you will. My wood stove allows me to control the air intake. Giving a lower supply of Oxygen is the goal in achieving pyralysis . At the end of the night I add a  stick of wood and reduce the intake. The small black charcoal pieces and ash are added to the compost pile for a week or two then combined with a wheelbarrow of fertile forest soil, some pond scum, a small bucket of clam shells (broken), mycyliated wood chips (local…


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Tipping Point Update


I would first like to thank those whose tireless efforts have brought about the awareness of climate change to an ever broadening audience. Along with the 2012 weather records, an up tick in public interest has become almost palatable. I therefore have little time to concern myself with the deniers of this subject. Although amazed by their ability and energy wasted clinging onto such ever-evolving false narratives, their ignorance seems to proclaim all species…


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Who's on third?

Yesterday, a blog by Whatcom County councilman Carl Weimer was posted exposing roads being built on Cherry Point wetlands without permits. In the blog Carl stated he was advised to have the appearance of neutrality with regards to the SSA project, so as to not be considered biased in future legal deliberations and decisions.…


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Transition Consciousness

A few months back a discussion was debated in the larger Transition Movement on applying the term “sacred” to the ongoing attempt. I smiled and thought of Gregory Bateson ( or should I say Alfred Korzybski ) statement: The name is not the thing named. After allowing my soul to digest the dire predictions from Bill Mckibben’s eaarth I began to wonder if time would afford us the…


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