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Comment by Jamie Jedinak on February 21, 2011 at 9:11am

Good Sunny Morning!

It's been a lot of fun!!  I trimmed the brim very carefully and that was learning!  :) 

I finished crocheting the edge last night ( my tea pot is dark eveergreen - made the scalloped edge sea foamy green )and I still have to finish the edge a bit b/c all I had in the color I wanted was tapestry yarn which comes in small pieces that all had to be tied together, sigh...oh well. 


I am going to out to get a felting needle today;  I looked at JoAnn's over the weekend but thought I'd wait and shop at NW handspun for one instead....

I plan to felt the scalloped crocheted egde....helping to hide "mistakes" that way :) AND firm up the edge a bit.  I don't have any of that type of felting experience, so I'll take the cozy into the store for some basic instruction. 


Fiber arts, although only having done some, seems to come easily for me.  I just fake it a lot and get lucky I guess, b/c many times I don't know exactly what I'm up to but hope to make it.....that stratagy hasn't always worked but often has..... understanding principles can take one a long way when faking it......  :)~   Thanks for your time and enthusiasm....


I will give it a test drive for warmth when the designing is done? 

Comment by Irene Hinkle on February 21, 2011 at 8:54am
Awesome, Jamie!  I never thought of a hat that has the imprint of a tea pot in it!  Very funny and stylin'!  Well done on this project.  Did you decide to trim the brim or just leave it?  Is your tea staying warmer for longer?

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